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    I recently bought a TP1300 (display model) and discovered that it is missing the extra blades, the installed blades are knicked, and the knob assembly for the side height adjustment is missing. I don't want to take it back because they made a good deal on it (it was missing the stand the I do not need nor have room for) and it seems to be a big upgrade from my old Delta. I bought a Delta 14" bandsaw a while back that was missing a couple of small parts and they were great about sending out replacement parts. Does Ridgid have a service number or online support page? I also did not get a manual (I downloaded the .pdf) or registration card, but is there online product registration?

    Sorry for all of the questions in my first post here, but I need to get this up and running so I can plane out a new baby bed and kitchen table.

    Thanks again...

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    product registration ...

    Tech Support Phone Number and Email ...