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HD in Chicago has a refurb 3612...

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  • HD in Chicago has a refurb 3612...

    Just letting any bargain-hunters out there know - the Orange Borg on North (24-hour HD) has a Factory Refurbished TS3612 in the back of the tool corral.

    FYI - I got mine for $129.96 (mistakenly, I'm sure - though not through any subversion on my part) - No guarantees about that, of course [img]smile.gif[/img]

    The HD "standard" factory refurb discount is 40% off of new (I've been told this by two different managers), so you *should* be able to get it for $281.40 (new price is $469 as of last night) - ask for a manager when the cashier can't find it in the computer (they never can - I've bought three refurb'd Ridgid tools from HD, one, the planer, was in the computer) and tell them your "friend Jeff got 40% off two weeks ago". [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Let me know if you buy it - just for curiosity's sake.

    Good luck!