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Ever had a battery not charge?

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  • Ever had a battery not charge?

    So I'm hammerdrilling into a brick wall today and finish off my two 18v batteries and put them on the charger. One charges immediately and is done in 30 minutes, the other "evaluates" for 30 minutes. I switch still "evaluates" for 15 minutes. I go home. I put the battery on the charger tonight and it charges immediately...anyone know what's up?

    When the battery wouldn't charge I called my local Home Depot and spoke with the tool guy. He was super nice, but hated to inform me that there was only a 30 day warranty on the batteries, not 3 years. He gave me the local Ridgid rep's number and I called and left him a message.

    All is well now, anybody know what the deal was earlier?

    BTW, I've had this Ridgid 4pc combo set since Christmas and so far it has performed flawlessly. No complaints.

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    Hmmm...I think I found my answer about 4 posts down. It was about 92* today, so I'm sure they were hot.

    Strange though that of the two batteries one charged fine while the other didn't.


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      It is my belief that heat is very damaging to a batteries insides, whether from heavy use or outside tempture. Most chargers allow a cool down time before charging to avoid overheating the cells in the battery and reducing their life.
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        It sounds like the battery was too warm and once it cooled down, it charged okay.

        Regarding the 30-day thing that the HD fellow told you... WRONG!! You have a 90-day "satisfaction guarantee" on all Ridgid products. You'd have to return the whole set, get refunded and then simply purchase a new one.

        Also, in case you are NOT aware, if you register your Ridgid tool, you would then have the new "lifetime limited service agreement" which would cover battery replacement (by Ridgid, not Home Depot) for as long as you owned the tool. Here is the link to that info:

        I hope this helps,



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          Thank you very much for letting me know about the lifetime warranty they're now offering! I went and dug out my receipt, and am going to send a copy of it in.

          Am I correct in saying that since I purchased my set before they reinstated the lifetime warranty, I do not have to provide a UPC label off the original box (which is long gone by now)?

          Thanks again