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Difference between the WD1956 and the 1610RV

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  • Difference between the WD1956 and the 1610RV

    They look the same, except the color. Same HP, size, amps, etc. It would be easier to compare specs if they actually listed things consistently. The 1610RV is described like it's a pro model, but the WD1956 gives its CFM as higher than the 1610RV (203 vs 187), so why would the pro model have lower CFM? The WD1956 has a "7' Dual-Flex? Locking Hose" whereas the 1610RV has a "Professional Locking Hose" which is "ultra-flexible" and 8'.

    So...better (or just longer?) hose but weaker motor? Or is it the same motor but the different hose restricts airflow a little? Or were they just not consistent in how they measured it? Is the stainless drum any thicker and sturdier on the 1610RV?

    (These two vacuums seem to be sold at a similar price point, which is why I'm trying to determine if there is any advantage going with the pro (pro-ish?) model. The RV2600B is the clear step up, both in price and features, e.g. two stage motor.)
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    To followup, I got an answer in the Q&A on the product page (, that essentially the CFM difference is due to the hose difference. (And FWIW I decided to go with the 1650RV, the motor on bottom model, instead.)
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