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How tight is tight enough?

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  • How tight is tight enough?

    Someone on one of the woodworking forums was asking about how tight to tighten a table saw blade and dado set. He said he only tightens his saw blade finger tight and was wondering if that was tight enough for a dado set? (or something along those lines) I can't find that forum now, so I'm asking you guys.
    I snug up my saw blade with the 2 wrenches provided, about 10-15 ft lbs, and about 25-30 ft lbs on my 8" stacked dado. Does that sound OK or should I be doing it differently? I know "finger tight" can't be right.
    Also, what is the advantage of those "blade-lok" gizmos? Should I be using one of those instead of the 2 wrenches?
    Edited to thank you all in advance for the excellent advice I know I will get. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    Finger tight? Must have been talking to Dave A.

    First, my recommendations may not apply to this two-wrench arbor arrangement. My saw is, I think, more typical using one wrench and a block of wood to hold the blade in place.

    OK---first, the spin of the blade would naturally tighten the nut, but personally, I don't want to bet that vibration, dirt or other thing couldn't foul things up.

    I finger tighten the nut and tighten it with the wrench approximately 1/8th of a turn or, in the instance of the blade slipping against the block of wood, which also tells me it's tight enough against the blade that it can't spin free on the shaft.

    With a stacked dado set, it's even more important not to leave it just finger tight. I always double check to make sure the cutter teeth are rubbing against anther cutter tooth or outside blade teeth----tighten to finger tight and snug up with wrench and recheck cutter teeth position.


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      Kelly Mehler says finger tight is o.k. for regular blade. Not sure about dado's. You don't really need to make it tight b/c the blade s pins the other way. Any wood resistance would make the blade tighter rather than looser. You don't want to put a bunch of pressure on your arbor every time you change your blade. I finger tighten.



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        Finger tight and then just a little tug with the wrench is the method I use. Those blade lock gizmos are just that, a gizmo. If you don't overtighten the arbor nut in the first place, simply grabbing the blade with a leathered gloved hand will offer you enough protection to loosen and tighted the arbor nut.
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