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  • Broken Down And Curious

    I had purchased a RIDGID 18V 4 piece kit back in November of 2003 and been quite happy with its performance (other than what seems to be poor battery life). About 1 month ago the Drill got "stuck" in hammerdrill mode no matter which setting was selected. I was mildly irritated as I really hadn't pushed the drill hard at all but had heard good things about RIDGID service and figured not a big deal to get it fixed or swapped or something.

    It was returned to Home Depot here in Edmonton and all I walked out with that day was a number to call in 4 weeks or less if they hadn't called me as it was past the home depot 30 day warantee and RIDGID's 90 Days (by 2 weeks or so).

    So in the mean time I'm out a drill and waiting 4 weeks for repairs.

    3 and a half weeks after taking it back I get a message from Home Depot stating that the drill will not be fixed for at least 2 more weeks as parts were needed to be ordered.

    I realize this is not only a RIDGID issue but am curious if I should be expecting more? By the time the drill is returned to me it will no doubt be 5-6 weeks or more from inital return date and this is a tool that is required on a daily basis.

    Just looking for input so thanks for anything offered.

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    Get my wife to talk to them. She'll nag them into submission and they'll probably give you any three tools free just to make her go away.


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        the simple answer is this:

        make them pay for their poor service by abusing their 30 day return policy. If they can't replace your drill or give you a loaner while it's out for repair for a ridiculously long time - to me, anything over a week is too long - BUY a new one and return it on day 29.

        I need my drill to make a living. That's why I buy a $400 drill instead of a $50 drill. Manufacturers should realize this.


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          Well I thought about the whole 30 day purchase and return route but just can't do that.
          Very true about the $400 versus $50 but I guess I'm just to much of a pushover i guess. If it goes much longer I will have to think about the options again though.

          Thanks for input


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            Well, maybe I'm just lucky, but never had a relatively new tool break down on me. I've had tools go south after a couple of years----IMO---just not meant to stand up to much use.

            Frankly, in your case, I don't think I'd be as made at the slow repair as I would be that I needed the repair in the first place.