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Battery powered tools speed control

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  • Battery powered tools speed control

    Recently purchased set of used Rigid 18 V bat’ powered tools (circ’ saw, recip’ saw, drill, light) at Home Depot. Everything works good except the speed controls on the sawsall and drill. There seems to be no low speed. You only need to touch the trigger and the tool speed is way to fast to set a screw accurately or start a cut with the sawsall. Is this a characteristic of the tools or are they in need of repair? If it’s characteristic, is there a fix? It seems to me that the tools are quality items and if this fault is built in it’s a shame. We have several bat’ powered tools from other manufacturers that we use every day and they don’t exhibit the same problem.

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    They are broken. Drill will turn as slow as you want 0.5 RPM if you like, Sawsall as well but speed modulation is not as fine as the drill but it does not need to be either


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      Thanks "w" !! Thought there must be a problem but needed to get some ammo prior to confronting H.D.


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        There's a difference between used and factory reconditioned. If HD sold the tools to you as used tools I hope they stand behind them but I doubt if they "have" too. Reconditioned tools usually carry some type of factory warranty while used tools don't.
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          I had the same problem with ridgid's low end ROS. The variable speed control did not work, it was a dial. If you pushed it then the speed would go to high, but only as long as the dial was being pushed. I went back to HD and tried another in the store, same thing. Their high end model works fine. I ended up with one and love it. It's quiet, nearly vibration free, great dust collection with a shop vac attached.


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            All is well that ends well:

            Based on info from answers to my post, I returned to HD and explained the problem. They replaced the entire used set with a new factory fresh set, no charge. Thanks to all who answered my post, and thanks to Home Depot, RM.