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  • Ridgid big disappointment

    I'm a construction plumber and decided I would give Ridgid a try and be different from the other guys buying dewalt kits.
    I've had my Ridgid 4 pc kit for about 4 months now and it's already falling to pieces.
    First the locking mechanism in my sawzaw broke and I was not able to pull the trigger for full speed. Then the drill selecter on the drill was stuck for some unknown reason, but recently decided to work, And now my charger goes out.
    The ridgid Cordless power tools are too heavy and cannot withstand the beating it claims it can through it's commercials. They may have a 2 yr warranty which is 1 year longer than Dewalts, but you have to argue with them and just maybe, you'll be able to use that warranty. The more Ridigid tools I buy the more disappointed I'm getting.
    I'm going to take in my charger and see what they say this time.
    I thought Ridgid was the best, but now seeing these power tools and their customer service for warranty, it's only hype. All the guys I work with have had their Dewalt kits for over 2 years now and they've outlasted my brand new Ridgid set. Ridgid really needs to make their next generation of power tools lighter.

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    Actually silent1, Ridgid has a 3 year warranty on their cordless kits. Maybe you just got a bad kit, I've had mine since Nov. and no problems at all. I'm an air conditioning mechanic and my 4 piece kit gets used every day. My drill survived a fal from an 8 foot ladder (no thanks to my helper) and the only thing that was damaged was the drill bit. I think maybe Ridgid made too many too fast and didnt take time to inspect them before shipping.


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      silent 1,

      I hope you can get some warranty satisfaction with your tools. Its definantly frustrating to invest in tools only to find out they are not what you thought they would be.

      If you do not get satisfaction and want to change, then go to Milwaukees web site before you think about Dewalt or Bosch tools. They have an entire new battery technology that comes out in another month that will blow all of our other cordless tools away regardless of brand. Plus they are mostly going to be made right here in the USA.

      But give Rigid a chance to make good on their tools.
      Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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        im disappointed with rigids cordless tools i have a van full of them 90% with a life time warrenty but what good is it if u have to take them in every week to fixed i will never buy a rigid tool again im just waiting for mill to come out with there new line then im getting rid of my rigid tools i would sell them but i would feel bad for the guy who bought them im not rigid i dont screw people over


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          WOW, all this tool bashing is giving me a headache. does'nt anyone remember the old saying, "tools are meant to be used, not abused".


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            from what i understand is that, the normal wear and tear are not included in the warranty.. but of course if a tool is being brought in for fixing every week, then theres something wrong with the tool..


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              I still aint had a proublem with mine but I keep hearing this over and over there must be a bit of truth to it.I still stand by mine cause they have done me good so far but trust me on this one if and when I have a proublem with my set I'll be mad also and will let everyone on this site know! Intill then I'll enjoy working them.

              Bob B

              Be safe out there folkes.
              Be safe out there folks
              Bob B


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                Used not abused eh? LOL, these ridgid tools are even being close to abused and still can't handle the basic functions they were built for. These tools were supposed to be designed for the hard worker, just like their commercial says as they drop the drill to prove it's durability. What a load of crap. None of my tools have ever been dropped.

                Although i'm not going to completely bash the whole tool line, becuase the drill does kick some but and hasn't given me any problems.


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                  That's funny my Ridgid cordless kit has outlasted my previous DeWaly kits combined. I guess there's a bad kit in every batch from every manufacturer. I'm NEVER buying another DeWalt drill after my last 2. Though my first one DID last a whole YEAR - just long enough to be out of warranty at the time - before the clutch went and the batteries stopped taking a charge.