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Batteries on life support, will this work?

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  • Batteries on life support, will this work?

    If I have a max dual port battery charger with 2 batts and I don't use them too often (once or twice a month), what's the best way to handle them?

    I figure I'll charge 'em up 100%, leave them in the charger, and then set the entire charger on a simple home applience timer set to turn on 15 minutes per day.

    That would insure that they're always fully charged, but would it diminsh the battery or charger lifespan in a negative way?

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    My owners manual says:

    "* Store and charge your batteries in a cool area. Temperatures below 50°F or above 100°F will shorten battery life.

    * Never store batteries in a discharged condition. Recharge them immediately after they are discharged.

    * All batteries gradually lose their charge. The higher the temperature the quicker they lose their charge. If you store your tool for long periods of time without using it, recharge the batteries every month or two. This practice will prolong battery life."

    Batteries that have been sitting idle for a month probably would have enough charge left in them for you to use one while you recharge the other. I'm not sure if you'd gain anything by having them recharge everyday for 15 minutes and you might even damage the batteries by doing this. After all, how much of the charge would a battery lose overnight?
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      Good advice and I totally agree with everything! But, last night I was reading the Operator's Manuals for the new 14.4 Impact-Driver manual ane on page 14, first column, last bulleted line, reads: "Store the battery packs in a discharged condition"

      So... I looked at the manual for the 14.4 Drill-Driver and on page 18, 2nd column, middle of page, the 2nd bulleted line reads: "Never store batteries in a discharged condition. Recharge them immediately after they are discharged"

      Just goes to show that there is a lot of confusion out there... BUT, from all my experience (almost 20 years now), NiCads should always be recharged and NEVER left stored in a discharged condition. (Discharged NiCads will often suffer polarity reversal if left for long periods of time.)

      Bottom line... YOU are correct in your advice!