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  • Dewalt Battery Question

    I am sure I am going to get some greif for asking a non-Ridgid Question in this forum, but her goes: Does anyone know of a good reason I can't charge my 12v Black and Decker batteries in my 12v Dewalt charger ? The batteries look identical excpet for a small molded ridge on that prevents them from being interchangeable. With a slight modification ( grind off the ridge ) I will then have 4 interchangeable batteries. The B&D charger takes quite a while and batteries should not be left on it, while the DeWalt charger is quick and its OK to leave a battery in it. Any ideas or feedback would be helpful. For what its worth, I love the DeWalt drill, but it goes through batteries like crazy. I am just a home hacker and its somewhat of a problem, so for a pro I imagine it would be a big deal.

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    It may not be recommended but I actually use my 14.4 charger on my 9.6 and 6.0 RC vehicle batteries and it has been fine for a year now. I would suggest you check the polairity of the batteries to make sure they are not reversed between B&D and Dewalt, other than that you should be good to go


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      Either one of your batteries or your charger must be old. I have bought Black and Decker 14.4V batteries to use in my DeWalt and they used the same key arrangement. I routinely charge my old (1997 vintage) 9.6 B&D batts in one of my many 9.6-14.4V DW chargers. Cannot see any downside but you might check and see that the clips are arranged in the same polarity. Just checked and the front pin was pos on both 9.6B$D and 12DW. Output is dc from my automatic tuneup charger, did not check the others.

      B&D has changed the config on the base of some of the Firestorm batts. So may not work


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        Check with B&D there has been a recall on some of its chargers. Yours might be one of them. If it is under recall you should be able to get a new charger free.


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          Thanks everyone. My B&D drill is about 5 years old. Firestorm drills were never great, but it was from back when they weren't comical. ( Gel handle inserts ?!?!? ) The batteries are indentical to my new 12v DeWalts except for the embossed ridge to prevent interchanging.

          I guess you can't have it both ways, the B&D batteries woiuld last a long time but the drill didn't have much power, the DeWalt has tons of power, but doesn't last. I find I am still using the old B&D on light duty stuff so I don't have to deal with frequent battery changes.

          Thanks for the feedback.