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    Hi all. I need to know something. I want to purchase a Hammer Drill/Driver and I need a little advise from the wise minds of the forum. I want to pick up a nice 18V but can't decide on the Ridgid from the HD down here or perhaps the Dewalt. I like the Ridgid because of the color (not a real concern as I don't care what the color is as long as it does the job) and the Warranty and the Home Depot down here is pretty good by my place. I also like the higher torque rating on the model (510 lbs in I think). I plan on talking to the manager of the location down here before I even purchase a Ridgid drill and letting him know my strict intentions before I buy this thing that if I get any trouble I'm marching right back to him and demanding an immediate exchange. I like the Dewalt for the 3rd setting but I think that at a higher RPM the motor might burn out faster and I won't even be getting a comparable torque rating when compared to the Ridgid although the BPM in hammer mode is higher by 7000 @ 34000 versus 25400 I think those are the specs.


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    you have to decide what is more important to you...Speed or torque. The Ridgid, Mil, and DW all have the torque needed to do the job that you would do with a CORDLESS drill. As you mentioned the DeWalt is Faster 3000 RPM and does have more beats per min. which in turn would get your job done quicker. Mil has more speed then ridgid as well but not as much as Dewalt. All three drills have a special christmas bonus; DW free battery, Mil free gift card worth $50 and Ridgid lifetime warrenty. thats all I can tell you other then DeWalt and Mil have been used by contractors longer then a couple of months and both of them have their supporters and distractors. You gotta go with what you need for your job.


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      I dont like to really bash any tool but if you have fixed as many DEWALTS as i have you would pass on buying the dewalt and oppting for the ridgid or the milw, or another top brand.


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        Thanks for the great replies guys. I want to get the power tools before the new year even if I get only one. If I get the drill it'll probably be the 18V X2 cordless because of the convenience and if I get the Circ Saw it'll be corded because of the speed and the power and I just don't want to have a cut being made and the power dropping off and then I may have some adverse effects such as kickback due to the sudden power reduction. I would like a TS later on when I have enough experience and I was checking out the Unisaw's from Delta and they were phenomenal looking on the website. They really seem to excel in that area and I was very impresed by what I saw (no pun intended).



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          I think you bring up a good point and one that should be considered but I have one question:

          When comparing tools that you fix, and trying to decide which is better in terms of not having to be you consider the number of tools sold compared to tools fixed. My point is based on this peice of knowledge from a DeWalt rep at Home Depot...and maybe it is shaded one way but by looking on jobsites I can believe it...he told me DeWalt has about 65% of the marketshare when it comes to cordless tools. with that said are 65% of your repairs DeWalt or is it more or less then that? I think if it is more then you have a valid point...if you are the only sevice center in your town...if it is less then that is a good thing for DeWalt...Your thoughts would be appreciated