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Ridgid going back to lifetime warranty?

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  • Ridgid going back to lifetime warranty?

    My rep wae in the store yesterday and he told me that they are going back to a lifetime warranty on all tools. I'm still waiting to hear word through Atlanta to confirm.But from what the rep told me, if you bought a tool between Feb 04 and now then you could go online and register the tool with a lifetime warranty.
    I have staff meeting today so hopefully I will get more info. I will relay what I find out here. If any TTi guys here know any more please let me know. This will be a big plus in selling your products.

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    April 18, 2005) –

    RIDGID® announced today that its professional power
    and pneumatic tools will now carry a Limited Lifetime Service Agreement. This new service
    agreement – the only one of its kind in the power tool industry – provides free service and
    parts on normal wear items, including batteries and O-rings, for life, for the original tool
    purchaser. In addition to the service agreement, RIDGID® professional tools continue to
    carry a 90-day satisfaction guarantee as well as the industry-leading three-year limited base

    The announcement was made in conjunction with the launch of an all new line of RIDGID®
    professional-grade pneumatic tools with the exclusive FastenEDGE Technology™, which
    offers the professional contractor the best features found on any pneumatic tool anywhere.
    All of these tools come with the RIDGID® Limited Lifetime Service Agreement, which means
    free service and free parts – like O-rings, blades and bumpers – for the life of the original

    These new pneumatic tools join a line of 40 professional-grade corded, cordless, bench top
    and stationary tools available at The Home Depot® and industrial supply centers across the
    United States.

    “RIDGID® professional power and pneumatic tools are built to be best-in-class, and the
    Limited Lifetime Service Agreement proves that we stand behind our products like no other
    manufacturer,” said Jeff Dils, president of the North American Power Tools Division of
    Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. “With the RIDGID® Limited Lifetime Service Agreement, we’re
    enhancing our leadership position and our commitment to the lasting durability and quality of
    RIDGID® power tools. We’re offering our customers tools that are not only best-in-class, but
    carry a service agreement that is the best in the industry.”

    Available for all RIDGID® hand-held power tools, bench top, stationary and pneumatic tools
    bought on or after April 15, 2005, the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement is effective upon
    registration of the tool via the RIDGID® Web site ( or by mail-in registration.
    All corded, cordless, bench top and stationary tools bought previous to April 15, 2005, can
    be registered for the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement for 120 days (or until August 12,
    2005) for free.

    Limited Lifetime Service Warranty – Page 2
    Complete details on the new service agreement can be found at or by
    calling (866) 539-1710. As always, customers can call to speak with a technical service
    representative and obtain service part ordering information.


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      Great news guys.
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        That is good news. However, I wonder what the "limited" part of that means? I suppose its legalize for "you abuse it, we don't fix it". I linked over to to find out but they still have the old warranty posted there.
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          You can find a copy here. Ain't it great¿


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            I think so. I think that is wonderful. Encourages me more to buy Ridgid.
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              "........Ridgid® power tools carry a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, a three-year warranty and a Limited Lifetime Service Agreement........"

              OK, I understand the part about the 90 day satisfaction guarantee but how can you have a "Limited Lifetime Service Agreement" if the tool only carries a warranty that is only good for 3 years? A "plain English" explanation would really be appreciated. I promise I won't pass it onto some trouble making lawyer type. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
              I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                Plain English - RIDGID wants you to buy more RIDGID tools so they are willing to go beyond a convential warranty and ask you to sign up, register your tools, with them and in return they will give you parts, general wear items, and service for life.

                It is an extended service agreement - Limited, meaning you need to register for it. Lifetime - life of hte owner / duration of how long RIDGID will supply you with wear parts or update the tool. Service Agreement - RIDGID agrees, based on your provided information and tool registration to service the tool for as long as you (original owner) own it.

                The three year warranty is seperate and distinct. Think of it as any other manufacturers warranty. The Limited LIfetime Service Agreement is an additional / above and beyond commitment to you the owner / user that the product will be supported and you have made a wise investment by selecting RIDGID.


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                  The fact that you supplied a plain english explanation is encouraging.
                  I have a question: Is the warranty on the old pre-orange tools a lifetime warranty or an extended service agreement?


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                    If you have a 'gray' RIDGID bench top or stationary power tool then the warranty is a FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY, against defects in materials and workmanship.

                    If you have an 'orange' RIDGID portable power tool, bench tool or stationary power tool it is covered by a base 3 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. You are also entitled to a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. And, now - you can register for a limited lifetime service agreement - EXTENDED SERVICE PLAN - which is free.


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                      BrandMan, thanks for the quick clarification. Even I can understand what it means now that you've splained it in English.

                      You might want to keep the link to this thread handy. My guess is you'll be refering others to it many many times in the coming months.
                      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                        Thanks for the clarification Brandman.
                        Are receipts or registering a requirement for the lifetime warranty on the gray tools?


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                          Yes, it is always good to have proof of purchase to speed the warranty process. You do not need to register the gray tools to get the benefit. Only the orange tools require registration.


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                            BrandMan, thanks for the info.
                            We got the same info yesterday in staff meeting. There will be more info and signage up in the stores in the next few weeks. You can register your tools online or there will also be forms at the stores to mail in. Great news guys.


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                              I registered my new recip saw this afternoon and noticed that part of the process was mailing in a copy of the receipt as well as sending in the universal product code (bar code) from the carton.

                              Realizing that this offer is also extended to anyone who purchased a tool prior to the April 15th date, and that most guys simply aren't going to have the original box, I called customer service to inquire about the UPC thing. They told me that it wasn't necessary on the tools purchased prior to the 15th.

                              Just thought anyone might want to know as I'm sure the question will come up.

                              Regards to all,