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Kick in the nuts by Ridgid

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  • Kick in the nuts by Ridgid

    Coworker of mine purchased a Ridgid rotary laser a couple of years ago. Works great a couple of times, then won't "self level" itself. It just makes a buzzing sound. He never registered it but has the receipt. Local HD calls one of their service centers and was told since he had the receipt and purchased it less than 3 years ago they'd be happy to fix it. So, local HD sends it out. Weeks later he is contacted by the local HD and told that Ridgid "doesn't warranty lasers or levels." I looked the item up for him and it is discontinued, but CLEARLY specifies that it has a 3 year warranty. I sent it to him and told him to email it to the service center. I understand that since it's discontinued and has not been replaced with a newer model that chances are they didn't have parts or another unit to replace it with, but please don't try feeding someone a crap sandwich to eat. I've stayed loyal to Ridgid since their release and own many many of their tools and must say that even though this isn't my item that failed, I'm pretty disgusted with the reply that they have my friend. Just buck up and say we have nothing to replace/fix it with.
    You only live once, so play with your tool often.

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    You know of course that the "warranty" is not just a statement from the company that offers it, but has certain legal implications too, that MUST be honored! Here in NY State, I'd simply call my local State Attorney General's office, they'd listen and send me a form to fill out, which I would return to them along with any supporting paperwork (warranty, receipt, any e-mail of noted phone conversation, etc.) Then THEY'd call or write Ridgid and get this satisfactorily settled for your friend. (I've had to do that for a couple of consumer problems, but never Ridgid or Ryobi.) I absolutely hate when consumer's get ripped off, so if he does have that warranty information and receipt, I think it absolutely MUST be honored... if he can't get it repaired, then he should get a refund, IMO.

    Pass this on to him and hopefully his state might also offer such consumer protection.



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      I will forward this to him. Gratitude my friend!

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    DeWalt lasers are pretty decent and at the shop we use PLS 5 dot lasers mostly but they also have line and rotary lasers. The PLS lasers hold up well to our at times apalling abuse and I'd say are worth every penny.


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      I have one of these.... sadly not really worth what it cost. Mine at least does work. The laser was actually manufactured by Chervon North America out of Michigan. They will handle the warranty on these, I know, went through this same bs as you to get mine replaced. (616)-454-8410


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        I know what it is to get kicked in the balls by ridged I have a $500 boat anchor as well as several other ridgid tools I am looking to sell and am hoping you can help me out. I sent in the registration on my table saw for the life time service repair but when I sent it in for repair the repair facility said they couldn't find the registration and the parts for my saw are no longer available. I have bought several Ridgid tools and have been ripped off on them as well. I bought 2- 5 piece sets at the cost of $399 with a free 12 gal vacuum. at that time they were making them as 24v tools (each set consisted of 1 drill, I impact, 1 resip saw, 1 curricular saw and 1 flashlight) I did enjoy the use of the tools for around 4 years but when the batteries went bad I find out they no longer had 24v tools and you have switched 18 v tools I could at that time buy the 24 v batteries on line for the cost of $169.00 each. I complained to the pro rep at home depot and the best he could do was give me a $100 rebate for each set to buy the 18v sets. I had no choice at the time due to I needed them right away on the job site so I bought1- 5 piece set and 1- 2 piece set (that was 1 drill and 1 impact. After that I bought a contractors table saw with folding stand n wheels. I have also bought the ridged 2 tank compressor and a miter saw. I have used the table saw for about 5 years but it stopped working so I sent it in for repair and was told they never got the warrantee paperwork from my mailing and could not fix the tool without it. I then asked if I could get the parts from them and I would fix it my self and was told the parts were NOT available. thus the $500 saw is now boat anchor. I will send you all the nonfunctioning or un safe to run tools I have in place of a new table saw. if I do not get any resolution from them I will have no alternative but to post to any social media I can. the problem with purchasing Ridgid tools. if anyone can Please help me with this situation. At present I am well satisfied with the performance of my 18v sets and was planning to add more tools but with the dissatisfaction I am having with my table saw I may just have to switch brands. did anyone say Milwaukee??? lol


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          Milwaukee is built by the same company that builds your Ridgid home Depot tools.

          TTI out of China owns Milwaukee and has the license agreement with Ridge tool co. Along with Ryobi.


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        The normal "warranty" is for 3-years. At the time you made your purchase, you had, I believe, 30 days to register your tools for the "Limited Lifetime Service Agreement"... that would have provided "service" for repair and parts for as long as you owned these tools. The "LLSA" is pretty simple, you simply have to provide the model and serial numbers of all the components (like each tool in the combo and its serial number). You document that information and send it to address provided with the tool instructions, provide a copy of the receipt, and, at one time, the UPC code you cut from the box. More recently, all the Ridgid has asked is to enter the HD receipt code provided when you bought the tool.

        I've done it both ways over the years, buying my first Ridgid tools in 2003 and my last earlier this year. In every single case, I've gotten a confirming e-mail. A couple of times I had to send in an additional copy of a receipt to confirm, but that is all. I have yet to loose a single registration and my online records all seem to be up to date. However, I generally don't trust things to 'just happen" and I always follow-up by checking the registration here on the web site and I don't hesitate to call within a few weeks after I have filed, if I haven't gotten a confirmation (that has happened only once).

        So, those new 18-volt tools you recently bought should follow as I described. If you didn't do this properly, then unfortunately there isn't much I can offer as 'just another customer'. Also, please understand, that if you didn't properly register and/or you bought them from someplace other than an authorized Home Depot retailer, then you are in all likelihood out of luck. I wish that wasn't true, and I'm sorry that you haven't been able to straiten things out, but understand that there are owners who didn't follow the rule, bought them elsewhere, or just didn't bother to do the paperwork at the time... and they too complain foul. I don't know how Ridgid or anyone else can know who didn't follow the well-documented procedure.



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          Why do people who don't know how to follow directions always complain about not getting the warranty? I have over a dozen Ridgid tools I've registered for the past decade and not had issues getting service. In fact the last tool I sent in was my 24v reciprocating saw. They couldn't fix it so they sent me a brand new 18v Octane unit with a charger and 2 new batteries. Pretty good deal I'd say. Got about 10 years of use out of it and now I have the upgraded model which also has a lifetime warranty.
          Like others have said, follow directions and follow up with them if you haven't heard back from Ridgid in a timely manner. Sometimes the postal service has issues you know. And if you miss the registration deadline that's a you problem, not a them problem.