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  • planer HELP

    I have 1300 planer w/problem -
    It is chipping rather than shaving. Tiny chips blow back to operator and do not blow out the exit side. Chips pile up at infeed side.
    Blades are sharp.

    Ridgid support can not help. Those folks possibly have never seen a planer.

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    Hand planes shave curly wisps of wood, power planers hack err chip tiny hunks out of the surface at 19,000 hacks err cuts per minute. I had the same problem with my delta and found that these machines perform best with a dust collector attached


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      You really need a dust collection system hooked to this bad boy. I have a 4" set up on mine and it collects most of the saw dust and shavings. A shop vac would probably just clog since the removal debris tends to bunch up quickly.


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        Re: planer HELP

        I've been having the same problem with mine. I have it hooked up to a Shopsmith CD3300. Everything was going just super for a while. Then suddenly chips started flying out the front of the machine and boards were getting dimpled. Changed the blades, just in case - they were fairly new - no difference. Fed board both way -no difference. I've hooked up a shop vac and blown back into the dust port - lots of stuff comes out, but no difference next time around. Removed the dust collector cover - not clogged. I'm thinking here must be clog somewhere inside that won't clear - but don know where it could be or how to get to it. Final thought, which I haven't tried, is that my dust collector bag is about half full. Maybe that is affecting it's performance. Will try emptying it an try again.


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          Re: planer HELP

          Do you have a 4" port on the jointer? If you do then you must have a reducer to feed the shop vac right? My jointer does the same thing (shoots out chips through the infeed) only because a blockage develops at the 4" port to reducer 2 1/4". Soometimes I have to shove the shop vac hose up inside the jointer to get all the chips out. Once the shopvac gets half full, you need to empty it. Lately, I've even taken the exhaust port off and stick the hose in the jointer.Works OK.


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            Re: planer HELP

            You need a DC not a shop vac. Dust is OK for a vac. You are collecting chips which need a 4" hose and the cfm from a DC. which is 10x or more compared to a shop vac. If you use a can separator w. 4" hoses and the go to the shop vac reduced . That may work as a temp. measure.