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Rigid DP vs. Delta DP400

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  • Rigid DP vs. Delta DP400

    Have a chance to get an older, gray Emerson DP for $200 on clearance. Does anyone have experience with this DP?

    Other consideration is Delta DP400 at Lowe's for $299 - $30 rebate, plus maybe 10% moving coupon = ~$245. Any experience with this DP?

    As I already have the Delta mortising attachment, which doesn't fit the Rigid, the Delta gets a slight advantage. However the Ridgid price is tough to pass up.

    Thanks in advance,

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    If the Ridgid model is the 1550, it's worth it. If it's the 1500, I would pass. (personal opinion)
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      Thanks for tip. I was in an HD off my beaten track, and the manager offered me a discount out of the blue. I was more than a little surprised. (This was some kind of magical HD: They had displays assembled correctly, had items and accessories in stock, and were looking to move merchandise.)

      I wasn't really considering the Rdgid, but at that price, it became tempting. Anyway, I didn't even think to check model #'s; but I will now.

      Thanks again,