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Looking for Cordless circular saw

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  • Looking for Cordless circular saw

    I purchased a 1/2 inch hammer drill last year with the intention of adding to to my tool collection annually. (I had previously used another brand that just did't have the horses) My wife went to get me a 18v circular saw for my birthday and we found out they are no longer available outside of a combo kit. Unfortunately all combo kits have the 1/2 hammer drill which I already own. Anyone know where an individual circular saw might be available? Is Ridgid abandoning its cordless line? A product reduction does not look promising.

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    Ryobi is the only one that I know lets you buy just about any of their 18V tools individually. I'm not saying they are the best just that they are the only ones who offer their product in this way. The others make you pay for crap you don't need or want like a vaccum or a light. Yes the light can be useful but I don't want it as part of a $500 4 piece set, I want it for what it is worth which to me is maybe $20 (w/o battery).


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      Due to the fact that it is 4 days before christmas the stores are likely out of stock. The HD website still allows you to order it individually but says that it is back ordered as well. You could try Ebay but chances of receiving the item before christmas are slim