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Need help finding parts for an old Dayton hammer drill

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  • Need help finding parts for an old Dayton hammer drill

    The model # is 2Z404A and it is a 3/4" hammer drill. I understand Dayton is Graingers brand name and they no longer stock parts for this oldie.

    I need the power switch and would also like to replace both halves of the handle.

    One service shop said it was probably made for Grainger by B&D or Bosch.

    Anybody have cross references?? Or parts sources??


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    The switch was certaintly made by someone other than Grainger or Dayton, so a close inspection of the switch should reveal a part number and manufacturer name which you could then search on.
    The handle will be a bit tougher and since it is unique to the drill might be impossible to replace if the drill is more than 5 years old. If you could post a photo maybe someone would recognise similarities between your drill and one of the major manufacturers which might help you locate parts. There will also be some part numbers on the handle pieces which may give clues as to who made it for Grainger. You might get lucky and find some NOS (New Old Stock) laying around on someones shelf or elsewhere.