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spindles, nails and cracking :-(

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  • spindles, nails and cracking :-(

    OK, This sucks...the damn spindles crack when I peg um with my framing nailer. The smallest hot dipped galvanized I could find was 2 3/8"

    I couldn't find and stainless steel either....then again, I looked in my local hardware and home depot.

    I picked up some regular galvanized 2" for my finishing nailer and some adhesive – I didn’t get Gorilla glue since I could see me making a real mess with it. But I spoke to the guy at home depot and he was convinced the tube of exterior adhesive would work well. I figure I’d glue um, hit the galvanized 2” into them and in a year or so when the nail decays due to the ACQ the glue will still hold strong.

    Anything flawed in my thinking here? I haven’t started it yet and I am only into it for $20 in glue and nails…..

    I thought I would be able to work a little in the evenings after work….but the kids always have other plans….this deck is going to take me a while if its weekends only.

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    That should work. I had a picnic table rot on me and the PL premium made it difficult to take apart


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      Look for stainless (and other non reactive) fasteners at your local industrial marine/off-shore supplier.

      Most will carry a full line of nails, brads, pins, and staples for nail-guns as well as square, hex, and torx head screws, bolts, and washers.

      If you don't have one in your town, let me know and I will get you the name and number of a reputable supplier.

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        Stainless steel fasteners are available at ACE hardware stores. They usually have them in boxes of 100, as well as per-each. (If you don'tsee them in boxes, ask.) I just got a box of 100 2" #8 pan head stainless steel screws for $12.99, versus the 2 for $.99 at Home Depot.
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