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Riser block for BS1400?

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  • Riser block for BS1400?

    Anybody know of a 6" riser block kit that will fit this saw? I've heard of a Grizzly being used that required some fitting.

    The Ridgid kit is way to expensive ($125 when I called). I've heard of people finding them on closeout at HD, but no luck there, though I did get the saw and 1300 planer on closeout.


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    Try doing a search using "riser block" as the criteria. There have been many threads dealing with the Ridgid riser blocks.
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      Where are you located?


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        According to the tool acc. order sheets at HD, the riser blocks are $65. If Ridgid tells you more, maybe it's that they know the saw won't hold up to the abuse of a 3/4hp motor resawing a 12" thick board. In any event, they should say that if true, or just tell people the correct price.

        I've read on a few websites that the HF riser block actually fits the saw, and am going to try this weekend to find one for my saw.


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          I started a similar post here and over at the BTCentral forum. You can use the Grizzley H3051. Actually I order both the Grizzley and Jet riser blocks. The Grizzley is the cheapest ($45) and best of all the ones that will work. The only modification I made to mine was to paint the 6" block black, instead of the standard "Hulk Green"
          Actually, here's the link. It's a long saga that several of us went thru to come to the final resolve:

          Good luck.


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            Thanks Jason.

            I had seen that thread, but guess I didn't read all of it. I may have a line on a Ridgid riser for a reasonable price, but if that doesn't work out, I'll get the Grizzly.

            Ridgid also quoted me $67 for the fence, is that the regular price? I can get the Fasttrak for about $10 more, which includes the resaw guide. Is the Fasttrack a good fence system?


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              I was in HD in Tewksbury, Ma yesterday and they had three risers on their closeout table for $35.