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  • Newbie with old question

    Hi all,

    Just joined and found this great site by Googling Ridgid planer rattling noise. I saw a thread about a motor bearing needing replacing and wondered if anyone knew which bearing it is? I went to ereplacementparts and they list 3 different bearings in the "Popular Parts" area next to the diagrams. Is it part #20 in diagram C (bearing 6201-2Z)?

    Thanks all!

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    throw it away and buy a new one, not ridgid
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      I am not aware of a bearing problem, but then I haven't run into that problem yet. I suggest you call Ridgid Customer Support (or Technical Support) OR, contact your nearest authorized service center if you have one near by.

      Sorry this isn't more helpful,



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        It could be any of the bearings. It would probably be better to troubleshoot by taking the unit apart and checking the bearings by hand to see which one squeaks or binds. This is unless there is a specific history of one of the bearings going bad....not sure you can conclude that a specific one is responsible without investigating.

        Also to replace a bearing you will need a press - do you have that?
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          I recomend replaceing them all then your good to go.


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            How old is the planer?

            phoebe it is


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              Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
              How old is the planer?

              Purchased it online through Home Depot in January this year. I think I'm just going to return it in store. HD is pretty flexible on their returns.


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                had a craftsman planer given to me and it needs a handle for adjusting the height. went to their site and of course its not supported anymore
                heck with it Ill just 3d print one from measurements

                anyhow Trampis return it as it should still be under warranty.
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