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R4513 10 in Table Saw won't start

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  • R4513 10 in Table Saw won't start

    My saw is not quite 3 years old. Yesterday I made a couple of short cuts with no issue. Turned the saw off and now it will not turn on. The blade and motor spin freely. I used a line tester and it shows the line is hot all the way to the switch. I turned the switch on and it shows the line is hot going to the motor. I don't see a reset switch on the motor. I tried to locate an authorized service center through my Lifetime Service Agreement and my table saw does not show up. Any suggestions on how to proceed with getting my saw running?

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    without seeing the diagram i believe the rigid saws used a dpst switch that bridges both the hot wires and neutral wires at the same time.
    If one of the poles in the switch is bad it will not start. (had this happen with my fathers ridgid saw) and what you are describing is the neutral circuit is not complete.
    I recommend having an electrician look at it to be sure.
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