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  • Power tools purchased from HD

    It has been brought to my attention that a power tool bought from HD is not as good as the same model # power tool bought at a real lumber yard or ace hardware stores. A porter cable rep noticed my brother-in-law looking at a PC saw in home depot started making conversation and told him not to buy a saw at home depot. He explained
    Home depot places orders in the thousands from these companies. and stated For example look at dewalt. HD says "Give me 20,000 dewalt 18volt drills" DW says "okay that will be $2,000,000" HD says "1,500,000 or no deal".
    So what you get is a dewalt drill with budget cuts # DW-12345K
    Instead of the real one # DW-12345
    That was just an example I know it was crude and it is not only dewalt. In all actuality dewalt is the only company that lets you know by adding that Ksomething or whatever at the end.

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    tbutler. What you are saying makes no sense.

    ALL big businesses do this. It's called a volume discount. Walmart pays less for a boom box than Joe's electronics. You'd get a better price on a car if you bought 20,000 of them too. But they'd be the same car you'd get buying one yourself.

    DeWalt knows Joe's is gonna buy 10 drills and they'll make couple hundred dollars. Home Depot is gonna buy 10,000 drills and they'll make a couple hundred thousand. If they give up 50,000 dollars, they're still making a couple hundred thousand with Home Depot of NET PROFIT which is what drives all companies.

    Results - same model number / same drill. The A & K and other things you see at the end of model numbers is usually an accessory package. Drill bits / chuck / etc.



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      This exact same thing happens in the electronics world too.

      I was doing some television shopping a few years ago. There were two exact televisions with the exact same color, exact same specs. Only difference was the model number. What I found out was basically so that stores can do their clame of "If you can find it cheaper anywhere else we will match the price" scam. You won't find it anywhere else becasuse nobody else in town will have a product with the exact same model. Shifty, but smart.


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        It is quite true that mfgs' produce some items exclusively for big boxes----Off the top of my head---Freud Diablo blades are a good example of something you'll find only at HD. Haven't noticed much on the power tool front, but with their volume purchased, I can imagine a mfg would find in cost effective to modify a design or leave off a feature. Stranger things have happend, though. Anyone remember when Costco suddenly had a Jet table saw and drill press----no--not the ivory colored tools but the old blue line----even though it had been years since they had that color.


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          That porter cable rep lied...flat out lied. I buy at Home Depot and at places like Hajoca and Hughes supply. The Tools are the same. I have bought the same 18v drill at both places and the model #, UPC, and where it was made were all the same. To make different tools with different specs would cost more then giving Home Depot a cut in cost per tool. Trust me Home Depot gets the lowest cost and quickest delivery then anybody.


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            “Off the top of my head---Freud Diablo blades are a good example of something you'll find only at HD”

            Or you could order them from here: l/102-6960110-0860135


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              LOL woodslayer.

              That was mean



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                The tools are exactly the saem at all places. the K in the part number means "Kit box" as in large black plastic case.

                The rep probably told you that because the local lumberyard was griping to him about not getting better pricing on the stuff he buys.