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Table saw fence issue

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  • Table saw fence issue

    i have the older ts3650 (I think that?s right). The one with the cast iron top and wings. The fence is consistently out of alignment. The back is closer to the blade than front. If I remember that... I can tap it straight before each cut.
    Has anyone had this issue and solved it? I looked at upgrading the fence but that is surprisingly expensive. thanks.

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    check the screws fastening the fence to the guide crosspiece quite often there is a slight amount of play in them that can go out of alignment.
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      I had a TS3650 for about 8 years, great saw. Kinda wish I hadn't sold it but my new saw is better.

      Check the manual for the alignment procedure for the fence. Specifically look at the two adjustment screws for the T-square head where the UHMW pads rub against the rails. Each side should have a Allen screw IIRC that will allow you to square the whole fence assembly to the blade. But you need to be sure the blade is square in the table first, you can't start the alignment process in the middle, you must start at the beginning and verify or adjust at each step because each step is dependent on the previous steps to achieve the alignment. But having said that the adjustment I mention may be where your issue is. And it might not even need adjustment, maybe it's just some dust or debris build-up that is causing the problem. Also make sure the fence lock/hold down is properly adjusted. It should lock the back of the fence to the back rail AFTER the head has squared to the front rail. If it locks too soon (as can be indicated by the lock lever is taking excessive force to engage), then the fence will not square up with the front rail and in turn the front rail must be square to the blade.

      Whatever the cause having the fence tighter at the back of the blade is dangerous as I am sure you realize else you wouldn't be here asking for help. It can lead to kickback and a serious injury, so go through the alignment procedure. If you can't have the manual there is a PDF copy available online.

      Check back in if you have more questions or need help.
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