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why is every so negitive?

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  • why is every so negitive?

    it seems to me almost every in here has some real bad things to say about these tools and condeming the whole line because the (1)dont like the color(2)think they are over priced(3)they can not read well enough to follow simple instucktions(yes i know it is spelled wrong sue me)or (4)think other product line are better so now it is my turn.(1)who cares what color the tool is at least it isnt pink ridgid has been this color since before i was born i am now 32 and if it was pink and still work as good as what i have well i guess you could call me a few names then because i would still have them (2)i love when every one says they are over priced each and eavy tool i have bought has been atleast $10 dollars cheaper then the same tool from some one else in the same leage(dewalt,milwalkee,makita,porter cable)as for (3)this is all i have to say i may not spell reall good but if you can not real the card that says "you must turn in the UPC from the package" you might not be reading this either [img]tongue.gif[/img] and (4)yes some tools are better then others as in my own shop i have 2 porter cable saws 1 milwalkee drill and 2 sawsalls 2 makita sanders but for my company all i have is ridgid tools compressers one of the new frameing gunsalso and i have never had any problems with any of them yet any really don't get all the moaning and groaning you all have no tool company is perfect and niether are any of us if you have bought a tool that there is some thing you do not like please be free and tell us but if there is some thing you do like tell us that too but if you get one and you don't know how to use it well that is your own fault sorry if i come off abit harsh but i have 32 men and women that work for me and none of then seem to have many bad things to say about these tools and some have bought them for them selfs now i think that says something
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    Welcome to the forum,

    Your chevy may be slow and yes, your spelling could be better , but I understand your point of view. For what it's worth (probably not much), I think that a lot of us just like to vent, complain, or make the most of a problem when it strikes us personally.

    I really like the few Ridgid tools that I have and, like many others on this forum, I'm willing to share my limited experience in an attempt to be helpful to those with questions or problems. So not all of us are here with complaints and gripes and opinions that "my choice is better than your choice!" However, if something comes up and I think it is a fair problem worth sharing, you'll read about it here.

    While my experience with Ridgid may be good, we all know that there can be problems with any tool, under any brand. Similarly, when someone has a problem, they often take it personally and they feel the need to take the manufacturer to task as well as alert everyone to the item at fault. (Revenge?)

    Knowing this, I read the posts to educate myself, look for trends, and take note of things that may be worthy of further thought. And sometimes, I get a kick out of some of the commentary. So, there is both educational and entertainment value to be found here. My point is that you shouldn't let the negative comments turn you away. My only problem with this forum is that I will never be able to give as much as I have gained.

    Now, regarding your spelling... I understood what you wrote and while it appears that I can spell better than you can, I'll never have thirty people working for me, so I don't think you need to worry about a few words. (But all of us could use a little improvement here and there )


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      OSC, you have to ignore some of the posts on these boards. I found this forum because of a problem I was having with a drain cleaning machine I have(K75) found out I was at fault. LOL I already had a couple Ridgid tools in my wood shop. I have 4 stationary and 2 handheld Ridgid tools and have never had a bad word to say about them. The only time posters get to me is when they come on here and bash a brand name and it is obvious they are only trying to start an argument or they are at total fault in the use of the tool. Latest being that "28v" guy that said how lousy all the Ridgid tools were because he goes through a lot of discs on his ROS. I just HAD to tell him he needed to learn how to use a sander instead of blaming the tool. I too have a lot of other brand toolsin my shop and in my proffesion, I wont bash a brand name, only the tool I find to be less than satisfactory. As fer as spalling goos, whu cars. LOL
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        You have to be careful about how you interpret the quality of a product based on the reviews you read on a web site. It is really easy to interpret such "statistical data" incorrectly. And, as liberals prove every day, you can just plain lie through the artful use of statistical data.

        Most people who have good experiences with a product will never take the trouble to hunt down a place on the web and write up a story of how great it is. They may tell a friend or tell the salesperson the next time they are in the store. I say again, most people will not take the time to tell about a good experience with a product on the web.

        Considere how many people are registered members of these forums. You know that there are far more people purchasing and using these tools than are registered users of this forum. Are they all hating their tools? If a person has a bad experience with a product, that consumer is much more likely to complain about it to someone. Many will complain to the manager of the place where they purchased the product. A few, that are computer literate, may take the time to find a place on the Internet to complain about it on line.

        Even without polling every single person who owns a Ridgid tool (and expecting all such owners to actually respond to the poll), I think that the relatively few people who have complained about these tools among a very small number of Ridgid owners (those that have actually registered to use these forums), is a positive thing. Compared to the number of people who are obviously purchasing and using these tools, it is a very small population that has taken the trouble to complain about them on this site.

        I like my Ridgid tools!


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          There is no doubt that some some gripes are legitimate but, overall, I think, most are nothing more than a case of some immature person throwing a tantrum based hissy fit. In some cases the problems they complain about have already been acknowledged and a resolution is already in place. What kind of person complains after the fact?

          I always get a big kick out of the people that complain that this or that tool they bought a few days ago has something wrong with it and therefore every tool in the Ridgid line must also be worthless. Those people have obviously not done much if any research before they bought a Ridgid tool. If they had, they would have known that all they had to do in the first 90 days of ownership was to take it back to HD for an exchange or refund. How difficult is that to figure out?

          I also agree 100% with George when he mentions the amount of complaints vs the overall number of tools that are sold. Ridgid has a Forum where anyone can complain or even sing the praises of Ridgid tools. Ryobi is the only other name brand tool that I can think of besides Ridgid that has a Forum so yes, Ridgid will seem like it has more problems than other tool mfgs. However, until someone can show me REAL numbers that show percentage wise that Ridgid has more problems per tools sold vs tools made than other mfgs, I'll continue to believe that Ridgid tools are as good, if not better, than any of the other tools in their class.
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            hey all i know every one here is not so negitve and also didnt want toupset anyone i have some very positive responess and the was one review about the bosoc vs ridgid table saw witch was very inlighting my message was more for the guys that have no clue what so every of what they are talking about with almost every tool i use there is some thing i dont likefor example the r3200 skill saw i do not care for the blade hight locking lever it has never sliped or giving me problems it is the to me it feels very soft like it would slip down but it hasnt so i dont condem the whole line but on the other side of the coin i hate and i mean hate dewalt with a passion to me the are very over priced black and deckers but i like the black and decker quatium line of tools they are priced well and prefrom well for that price range but in my opinon dewalt tools should be better than what they are i have about 1000 dollars whorth here that are brunt up if any one wants them all less then 3 years old but i know alot of you guys like them i have 5 skill saws one miter 3 drills and 2 sanders
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              LOL oldslowchevy yer just a young fast typer at heart but I agree with the others that not everyones comments are ranting negatives some have specific complaints or dislikes about a certain tool but it doesn't apply to the entire line all manufacturers have some lemons and real winners and Ridgids no different everyones got a right to an opinion and I can respect that but its helpful if they give me a little background about how or why they came to have that opinion if you look at the keyboard on the second row up youll find a comma and period key to help show where one comment stops and another one starts and theres some other stuff in some of the other rows that comes in handy too but you know I'm jes messing with ya


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                lmao i just knew everone was going to give me grief about my spelling and puckuation(yeah yeah yeah i know it is spelled wrong )oh well this is why i dont give the costmers the final estamats
                9/11/01, never forget.


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                  i agree with badger dave that there are indeed a couple of immature persons throwing tantrums here and there and cursing to high heavens, as if theres no more remedy.. and to chevy, well.. forget about the spelling, its fine by me..


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                    It's funny that some people seem to be soo anti one tool brand or another. I have all kinds of different brands of tools and appreciate the quality of most. For example I own a Rigid Miter Saw, Milwaukee circular, Ryobi bench grinder, A Roto Zip cutoff tool, and both Dewalt and Panasonic cordless drills (the Panasonic by the way ROCKS!!!!) I have yet to find something in one of these tools that would make me say that all of the brands tools stink.


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                      My biggest complaint with Ridged portable power tools is: "Made in Communist China".

                      That has not been remedied and people can talk about globalization all they want. Trade with the largest communist country in the world is wrong. Plain and simple. They murder their own children simply for saying they like Democracy. What the %&R$#^**%^ are we at war for? Does anyone remember the Cold War?

                      I like Ridgids power vises, dies and other American pipe working equipment, have been using most of it for decades. Sorry I won't apologize for knocking orange portable power tools. Even if they were made out of solid gold and sold for a nickle. Trade with China is wrong. And George the far left isn't the only group of people playing games with numbers.
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