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TS3650 problem

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  • TS3650 problem

    I've tried aligning the blade on my TS3650 and according to the manual it should be okay. However, I still can't get a straight cut when the blade is about an inch high. I've noticed when I raise the blade to its full height it cuts much straighter. Do I have a warped blade? Just thought I'd ask before I start wrestling with those trunions again.

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    I would check the blade first. Either buy or make a very good measuring devise. Put a mark on one tooth and check it from the mitre slot on the front and rear.


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      Could be a couple things.

      Material -
      I had similar problem when I was cutting chipboard. It kept bowing out in the same place each time no matter what type of wood I was using. I think it may have been a glue spot in the board. Did you try other wood

      could be a technique problem. - If you are not using the splitter or

      Could be fence problem. If there's significant binding, your fence may be angled toward or away from blade.

      Could be blade alignment. Your blade is

      Best way to find problem is process of elimination with biggest issues first. I would get a dial indicator, start with fence measurement. Make sure your rails are parallel and not twisting your fence as you slide it to either side. Then measure blade alignment to mitre slots. If those all check out, it's probablly a technique problem. If you're using a thinner piece of wood ( referring to width not thickness )that is causing this. Try featherboards.



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        I second the dial indicator and forget the stock blade. Buy a good quality blade for the adj. and that also will help the trial cuts too. The splitter position is critical and can cause binding as much as anything else.