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  • Poof all gone!

    Wow no more 18v 5AH Ridgid batteries at Home Depot or on their website!
    Even E-bay has a reduced inventory...

    All Home Depot shows are the newer 3, 6, and 9AH blue tooth batteries.
    Some kits still show 2AH and 4AH batteries.

    Locally, in North Phoenix the Ridgid tools on the shelves and I have been
    to three Home Depot stores are pity-full! One store is actually very large
    and caters to local contractors. I realize store size and local demographics delineate
    what each Home Depot carries; but Ridgid was supposed to be "their brand" [licensed]

    I really liked the 5AH battery, long run time, reasonable weight, size, and balance on a tool!

    As far as tool availability that too is very lean! If you need a Ridgid tool
    check with E-bay...lots of "new" inventory some have excellent prices..just be aware
    any Ridgid tool not purchased from Home Depot or an authorized sales
    business; you will be unable to register the tool for any warranty coverage!

    Ryobi, DeWalt, and Milwaukee offer more on the shelves.
    Porter Cable seems to be dieing also! Very few tools are offered!

    Sadly many of the Home Depot associates [employees] in the tool section
    have little knowledge of the Ridgid tool line or even their inventory status
    within their store!..A few good workers are there but hard to find ha ha.

    Cactus Man
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    Hey Cactusman-
    Looks like a bunch of the 'factory blemished' 5.0 AHr batteries are available from the Direct Tools Factory Outlet. I have purchased the 'factory blemished' items in the past from Direct Tools and they have all been perfect...or blemished in some way that was undetectable to me. My theory is they use the 'factory blemished' label to get rid of an existing item/inventory. Ill try to post a screen shot of the Deal of the Day e-mail they sent me on Sunday, 1/13/2019. Good luck!