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  • Ts3650

    Hi! This is my first post. I just bought a used ts3650 from Craigslist that did not have the rip fence. The rails are in tact and their is a decent amount of rust on the cast iron but nothing permanent. My question is this: Is there another ridgid fence that fits the rails on a stock ts3650? As I have looked at/in every parts house and oem parts distributor with absolutely no luck. I spoke with Ridgid directly to see about procuring one from one of their sources, but who knows? Am I stuck having to spend several hundred dollars on a delta t square or Biesemeyer, or is there another option for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have read many of the posts on this site and found them to be super helpful. Thanks again.

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    Hi, welcome to the Forum and congrats on your new (to you) table saw.
    The TS3650 is a good contractors style table saw. Unfortunately because
    it is out of production for about 15 years now parts are tough to find.

    If you did find a new fence it would probably cost a couple hundred new. A T-square style fence and rail setup will cost more but to tell you the truth is as good or better than the OEM fence/rail setup, depending on who you ask of course. I've had both and will say I prefer the Biesemeyer style fence/rail system on my Unisaw over the TS-3650 which I had for 7 years.

    You could try placing a wanted ad on CL for a RIDGID TS-3650 fence which I think the rail was unique. The 3660 fence might use the same rail but I am not sure. RIDGID Parts might be able to tell you what other model fences might work with your rail and then you would know which fences fit your saw. You could also place an ad on CL looking for a Biesemeyer fence system. You never know one might turn up.

    Look on eBay too and watch Amazon for a deal. I hope you got the saw at a very good price since you didn't get a fence. Did the seller give any explanation why there was no fence?

    YT has a number of vids on restoring CI surfaces.

    Go to the Woodworking topic area and read through some of the posts there about the 3650. They may be of help as you get your saw back in operating condition. And come back here with any questions and hopefully someone here can help.
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      Thanks for the pointers. I have already put all of my feelers out to find one. I paid $100 for the saw and would like to keep the hole project under $300 if at all possible. It looks like a delta t3 is probably going to be the best way to go for me. I?m going to keep watching cl and abay while I clean my tops and grease all the working parts. I bought a link belt yesterday to start the whole process. I?ll take some before pics as well as after and post them. Thanks again for your advice.


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        I've been pondering this since you first posted. What if you bought a fence for a different Ridgid tablesaw? How about this one . I don't know if it is the correct size. Just thinking outside of the box.


        • BadgerDave
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          This from the link you provided farther down the page,

          Will this fence work on a Ridgid TS3650?

          Hello Ed, thank you for your inquiry! Sadly, the manufacturer has discontinued the rip fence assembly for model TS3650 and there are no substitute parts made by the manufacturer to replace this part. I apologize for the inconvenie

        • Bob D.
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          But that response does not rule out that the fence/rail system for another saw like the TS3660 will not work. One critical dimension to check would be the height of the rail in relation to the table top, which would determine if the fence would drag on the table. It may be possible to compensate for this by drilling new mounting holes for the rail, but there would be limited adjustment there I think, maybe a few mm.

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        I can't say this fence will or will not fit, but in the past when looking up parts for others, I have yet to see Ridgid give any substitute parts on there tools, even tho the next model looks to identical they just say discontinued, and your up $hit creek, I am not saying other companies are better, as I do not know, but it is a bad day when you spend hundreds of dollars on tools and it appears they do not support them past there model run,
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