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RIDGID TP 1300 or DELTA 22-580 please advice

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  • RIDGID TP 1300 or DELTA 22-580 please advice

    My knowledge of thickness planer is absolutely zero. I've never used one, so I really need advice. Yesterday, I bought a RIDGID TP1300 at HD for $250($237 plus tax). My question is shall I keep the RIDGID or get the Delta 22-580 for $280 instead. I've read from some post that Delta is a better machine.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Nuggy----this recently came up----here's the link:;f=5;t=001927

    The jist of it is this----the Ridgid is a good unit, but really can't compete with the Delta 580 or new DeWalts, due to the 2-speed feed. I bought one of the first 580s and really love it----the slow speed surface is unbelieveable---Also, it's disposable knives are a big time saver----Nothing wrong with what you have----it's just an older generation.


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      Check this thread for info on the 1300.;f=14;t=000002


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        Are you telling to spend $30 more and get the Delta? If you are in my situation which one will you buy?


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          That's a darned good price on the 1300, but for $30 more????-----an equally excellent price on the 580----I'd go with the Delta for the previously mentioned reasons of smooth finish and easy blade changing---great cutter head lock and good scale.


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            I’ll second that, I have the Ridgid and have no complaints, I just think for $30 more the Delta gives a lot more bang for the buck



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              I went with 22-580 after agonizing (with the 20%
              clock ticking). It is a newer design, if not technology, and the users rate it highly.

              I hope this link to the Taunton Buyer's Guide sample article works... I thought it was very good. If money was no object, I woulda bought my first yellow tool (735) but it is, and the Delta deal couldn't be beat.


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                About 2 years ago the DeWalt DW733, the Delta 22-560 (22-565), and the Ridgid 1300 were the three hot machines in benchtop planers. Since then Delta and DeWalt both have newer two speed offerings with the 22-580 and the DeWalt DW735. Both two speed machines got rave reviews when introduced. The Ridgid planer is a very good, well proven machine, but the Delta is equally proven with newer technology that improves performance. The fact that the Delta's been on sale at prices near or below the Delta TP400 which is the new model # for the 22-560 makes it a really, really easy choice IMHO. The "best tool for the money" picture seems pretty clear to me in this case.


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                  Now that we have estabished that Delta is a superior machine, what is the minimum price difference that will make Ridgid a more desirable machine than Delta?