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    I was wondering if anybody has run into the same problem. I Just bought a 4 piece 18 volt set and it states that I have a lifetime warranty and a free impact driver, how ever in the instructions for both the warranty and the tools, It states that I must send in the UPC off the box. I also must send in the serial number for all tools including batts and charger but i cant find a serial number on them? I also see no UPC on the box. Brand new from HD, What to do? Any help please?

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    Dr. Mopar,

    Here is a link to the Lifetime Service Agreement information:

    I've seen similar postings and don't have an answer as to why there are NO serial numbers or UPC codes on what you purchased. The only thing that I can suggest is that you call their Technical Service at 1-866-539-1710.

    Sorry that I can't be more helpful,



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      I call Ridgid and try to find out all the answers because I need to know too. First of all, I do not have the rebate pager for the free impact driver. The first girl that I talk to, she told me to go online to download the form, I try, but cannot find the form. I call back, they end up fax me the form becasue the second girl claim that the from is not available on line.
      I ask them about the UPC code. They told me to send in the orginal UPC for the free impact driver, and send a copy of the UPC code for the life time service aggreement. The UPC code is the bar code on the box. I ask her again to make sure if I send the copy of the UPC code for the life time service agreement, is that OK because the form clearly stated that I need to send in the orginal UPC. She said it is OK. I hung up, call back Ridgid half an hour later and ask another sale about this, just to confirm the first girl knows what she is talking about. They both said it is OK. Anybody obtain other instruction difference from what I got from Ridgid?
      Regarding the S.N. for the charger, I don't have one on my charger too, Ridgid said the 5 digit number at the bottom of the charger, that is the one. The number is the same number on the battery.


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        thanks For the info


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          I work at H/D and never saw a factory Rigid box without the bar code except for the reconditioned tools. They come in a plain brown box with only a label and a 1 year warranty. My recommend to you is to bring back your purchase to H/D and let them figure it all out or get your $ back.


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            Funny, I just called today regarding that and was looking for info on the 18v impact because of the deal. I bought my kit about 2 months ago and took it back because the recip saw collet wouldn't lock. Instead of giving me a new tool either by breaking open a pack or the single tool, the woman in returns told me to go grab a new kit and take it back to her for an exchange. All I wanted was a new recip saw and they gave me a whole new kit. When I brought it up, she said she couldn't give me cash back, not because it was against HD policy, but because she didn't have enough in the drawer. She then did something on the computer and I was free to go. After loading it up, I thought "What if this happens again, like 2 months from now?" All I had was the original receipt which showed the original purchase date. I went back in an explained to a different person that I wanted something with today's (Sunday's) date on it so I could register the new tools, get the full 90 day/3year/lifetime service agreement so all she did was sign and date the original receipt. The coupon thing was missing so I called the number on the box, which was the Ridgid CS number and basically they said Original UPC and COPY of store receipt for the impact (she's sending the coupon for it in the mail), and just a COPY of the store receipt for the lifetime service. Why just copies? I don't know, didn't ask. Why the original UPC for the impact? It's considered a rebate and they need the UPC as a proof of purchase. Hope this helps... Aloha, -j


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              Well heres the deal 1) there only require the serial number off the box. 2)When you go to registar the tools go to the lifetime service aggreement not each individual tool as one it will ask you if you have a combo kit or not. when you registar the combo kit there will be a place for each of youre tools/batteries even though all the batterries are the same #. 3)you must make 2 copies of youre reciept one with the serial #off the box (it's white and looks like alarm deal) but you must mail one with the serial# and one with the request for the impact wrench. Hope this helped.


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                Has anyone recieved the 18v impact driver yet?
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