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RIDGID Has Quality Problems?

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  • RIDGID Has Quality Problems?

    For months I have been listening to complaints that RIDGID's saws have too many problems reported in posts here to be considered a quality saw. I participate in a couple of other forums and have seen many of the same types of complaints with other manufacturers.

    Here is the proud owner of a Delta Unisaw describing his problems with the top:

    Here is the owner of a PowerMatic 64A having to grind the trunion on a brand new saw to get it to align:

    I'm posting these links to show that all manufacturers have a percentage of defects that arise. Even those that are considered the top of the line products. Unfortunately, we who frequent this board tend to see all of the problems because this is one of the places people with problems come looking for solutions.

    So keep things in perspective guys. Even Mercedes makes the occasional lemon and there are still some Ford Pinto's on the road (I know, I passed one today).

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    Agreed, all companies produce a lemon or 2. Key to satisfied customer is how the company resolves these issues. I have seen both of these threads on other sites. And both Delta & Powermatic resolved these issues. Just read today that Delta sent out a new table top for new Unisaw. and Powermatic has a longstanding history of replacing entire saws for problems if necessary. The trunion issue was resolved between powermatic & customer as well.

    I think the difference that these companies have to ridgid is they have history of good service and continue forward with consistency. I have read good and bad experiences with ridgid cust service. The word is still not clear on what the end results will be. Time will tell.



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      There's no way of knowing for sure but I wonder how many of the negative customer service threads were started by trash talking trolls, people who never bother to read an owners manual or out an out liars? Of course there will be dissatisfied customers from time to time. Every company has them! RIDGID is not alone in that department. What never ceases to amaze me is that people will take a strangers story as gospel and spread that hearsay around when they themselves have absolutely zero personal experience to back it up with.
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        Sometimes I sense that this lemon issue has almost become an acceptable "norm" within everything...literally everything produced from cars to houses to tools to....and we had maybe in past been more tolerant of an occaisonal lemon but now hit with them with more frequency and become a little more angry or bitter when it keeps happening???
        Good point on not reading manuals, etc too. I suspect for some it is overwhelming too - they usually not the best thought out and complete in design or logic.
        CS - provide it and we shall come. Sooooooo very simple. We'll accept a lemon or 2....just make them an orange for us when they happen.
        Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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          It seems that good customer service is getting harder and harder to find everywhere.

          My day started out perfect. and I kept a good attitude going through the day but had 3 piss poor service issues with 3 different businesses in one day.

          Got a new tire to replace a flat - they scratched my aluminum rims pretty good < I checked before I dropped them off and had no problems >

          I was supposed to get my Weekly / daily planning calendar from a company that I have been dealing with for 6 years. Was supposed to have it last wednesday. I called tuesday and they said it hadn't gone out that day but would be out "TODAY" and they guaratneed it'd be here yesterday. Still don't have it. Did I mention I really need a calendar to do my work and I would be perfectly willing to drive to pick it up b/c company is local.

          Went to Chili's and they messed up my meal by giving me chicken instead of beef. I had to wait 20 minutes for my new meal and my partyu was done eating before I got mine. Didn't even offer to take anything off meal until I made a comment on the way out the door. The waitress said " OH, I thought you were o.k. with everything " .. I admit this was small but HELLO. I was being nice by not complaining. I still expect a little comp. even if it's a free desert or 10 % off meal. Some kindof offering for mix up.

          That third incident was what kicked this thought last night.

          Incompetence is rampant



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            Jake - your day makes me want to stay inside and hide my head under my pillow to avoid what the law of averages says I'm a due for

            Happy New Year all [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
            Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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              Totally agree that there are problems with almost any tool----the line in the sand is customer service. Resolving the problems is the key and we've certainly seen mixed reviews on the new Ridgid CS. Not only have there been reports of poor service to existing Ridgid tool owners, but resolution on their new tool problems appears to be mixed. I do think they've got some work ahead of them in this area, but due to some of the repeated stories (like long screws in 3650 motor) they also need to re-assess quality controls as well.


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                Yes - that long screw dilema sure seems to be something that surfaces time and time again. As due the issues with the Uni saw, the Jet 64, and so many others on woodnet forum and here that we cannot sit here and type them all. And when they never ever appear again - sadly it will likely be another matter.
                In a production environment it often happens that things are missed. They are eventually discovered and corrected - often times the product is shipped before discovery. Newer designs will have slightly more bugs to work out.
                I am much more inclined to give the benefit of the doubt to a newer design in some ways - the old ones surely should have had them resolved by now if a design flaw. That seems somewhat harder to comprehend. Still it happens.
                Just goes to show that a premium price does not necessarily equate to a perfect premium product.Unless of course you lucky enough to mine the gems from the coal everytime. If so one really may gloat and be happy

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                How's them for Pinto's

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                  I keep hearing about these screws. The alledged leg flex. The throat plate I believe is/was another. So okay - here's the question.
                  I've read 'em. About 3 "reports" on screws. Two I believe I can find on throat plate. About 3 on flex (2 seem to have resolved with proper adjustements to the herc-lifts).

                  Now - the comments and debate never ends but ----what percentage of TS's sold is this really folks? My local 4 HD's have sent over 140 out the door - that was before last weekend. I assume more sold since. We are talking a National Chain, right.

                  So I ask - if this is a Rigid forum and we are asked/encouraged and informed to come here by Rigid I surely expect to hear about problems-right? I really don't seem to see/hear/read to many all in all. Yes - I'd prefer to hear about zero. We all would.

                  Boards loaded with problems on other vendors - same kinda stuff. I'd sure like to have these vendors with a Rigid style board and read issues in similar manner. Does anyone really think it'd be different?

                  So - at what point does the "long screws" and such go away? Or case of Unisaws bad bases disappear. Or bad tables. Or on and on?
                  How about new issues if they exist? Or maybe something else? These old non-factor 3650 things getting beaten to death. I understand certain individuals hate the "new" Rigid __ whatever that means. Just this-it's always the same ol'-same ol', is it not?

                  I'd give anything to have a central data base for all mfgr and read the honest to God factual percentage of problems. And percent resolved. I bet it would truly silence a lot of this "I've heard" stuff in a minute. And make a whole lot of folks very unhappy when they compare the amount paid for certain items.

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                  Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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                    Here here Cranky and very well said.
                    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                      Very well said Cranky.

                      As I said above, I visit a few boards and see people post problems, other members who either also have that model or are familiar with it then suggest courses of action to address the problem. For most of the time I have been visiting this forum it has also been a source of knowledge. A few months ago the board had become a negative place where most threads ended up being arguments. I have seen a few posts pop up recently that are starting to head back in the negative direction and thought I would try to bring a little perspective.

                      I have yet to see anyone jump on a person who has a negative comment related to RIDGID products, or any other manufacturer's products for that matter, unless they were blanket __________ sucks or included personal slams.

                      A forum should be a place where people with problems or questions can try to have others address them. If you scan throught the large number of new posters recently who are posing the same questions we experienced you will see people passing on advice and knowledge in an effort to make their tool more effective. That is what this forum is supposed to be about. Everything else needs to move to the General Discussion board and everyone can put their gloves on and have at it!


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                        I've had a few problems with my Ridgid stuff, and both times I have needed service, I got taken care of in a hurry. One of these occurences was beginning of Dec.

                        I currently have a Delta Midi Lathe that has an odd vibration at the headstock, and in fact, I can't turn a decent pen right now. I also have had problems with DeWalt stuff, and will save all my future yellow purchases for the drills as all other DeWalt stuff that I've run into seem to be lacking in the quality I expect for the price..


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                          Mike - I had issues with DW drill set about a year back- battery issues mainly and chuck that just stunk. I did swap it out and the battery issue remained so moved on and bought Makita.
                          My partner gave DW another shot this fall and he's happy so they maybe have resolved some troubles they had. Or at least I had.
                          I think their planers are real sweet unit. The new drill seems fine too.
                          I'm again willing to use a lot more yelloe based on this but for awhile I did avoid.
                          Is your newer one or same vintage as mine? Just curious
                          Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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                            I have a variety of yellow tools. I have an 18v cordless that's about 8 years old, a 12v of about the same age. All batteries in the two old ones are orig and still work fine. I just got an 18 volt a few months back because it was on sale at HD. I also have a DW733 planer, the roto zip copy (love it) and a drywall screw gun, (which can't seem to hold the freaking bit) and a regular corded drill. The jigsaw is what I had problems with (3 times) and bought a Bosch instead.


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                              Mike - the older DW you referenced,vintage wise, was one I had before someone "borrowed" from me somehow and it was the best unit I ever had too. Batteries held a long charge and retained peak power for quite some time. years it seems vs what I've replaced with. Wish I could stumble into one at a estate/garage sale ..... SOLD

                              I've always loved my Milwaukee screw gun in past. It's not biting bits anymore either and when one shooting only thru drywall that means it's very sick. Need to get dropped off and hopefully they can fix - sure would like to keep vs having to replace. Heard many having various issues with them, be it yellow,orange or grey. Mine is-was-known quality to me so if it can be repaired for even 50-60% of replacement cost I will hang on to it. Plus-keeps them landfill levels down
                              Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em