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Ms1290lz broken handle

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  • Ms1290lz broken handle

    ok my dad gave me this saw and it has a broken handle. Every place I look I can?t find the parts. Is it fixable?? I think he gave me a lemon after all I read about it. Thanks I?m advance any help is appreciated!

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    I have the same problem handle broke.. I'd love to find out if there is something that would work to fix the saw...


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      I just did a "Google" of "Rigid MS1290LZ" and got quite a number of hits:

      Have either of you searched any of the indicated parts suppliers?



      • billydabilla
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        Thank you for your reply. I've checked every site and called a few. All of them say I would have to find a used one because the handle is discounted. When I first saw the saw I saw a few online but after I bought it thinking I could buy the handle.. None were found.. I'm thinking I might be able to epoxy the handle or sell the parts on it..