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  • Positive Ridgid Comments?

    Hiya folks! I'm new here. Just found this forum.

    I see that a lot of others aren't real happy with some of the Ridgid power tools they've bought. I am one of you. Even though my original MS1050 compound miter was disappointing, Ridgid took care of me and sent me a new saw. I just got it the day before yesterday.

    I read a post or two pertaining to the lifetime warranty. For the record, I bought my saw in 98 and they were pretty new on the market. It offered the lifetime warranty. I liked the looks of it and the price was good. Also the specs seemed to equal the better saws. I suspected a new product like this was likely to be flawed, but figured having the Ridgid name on the side was good for something. So, I bought it on faith.

    Not long after I got it, the clutch brake started not working from time to time. I started getting some pretty nasty noises out of it too. This sporatic problem came and went over the 6 1/2 years I've had it. Finally with a plume of smoke and a shower of sparks, it gave up the ghost.

    Now I had previously contacted Ridgid by e-mail to see about warranty coverage and to find out if I needed the receipt. I got a prompt message back saying it was covered, didn't need the receipt, and just to return it to the nearest tool center. Oh great, what the heck was that going to cost? Shipping that saw would likely cost me some dough.

    After the saw finally went, about a month ago, I was amazed to find a repair center in my town. It was actually a tool rental joint and they were very nice about the whole thing. I had to wait around a month, but Ridgid replaced the original saw with what seems to be a much improved version, the MS1065LZ. This saw looks like new, but it is a RECON and is branded as such. It also has only a one year warranty.

    Overall I am not unhappy. I figured the saw could turn out to be junky, but had faith in the company. They did not let me down. I would have liked to keep the lifetime warranty, but if this tool proves to be of quality that shouldn't be a problem. If this thing turns out to be a turd, I will maybe push the issue.

    It never occurred to me to take it back to the Home Depot. From past experiences with the local big box I kind of doubt if they would have done anything about it.

    As far as the "lifetime warranty" goes, I have the original right in front of me. Here is a little snippet from it:

    The RIDGID REPUTATION is the result of the consistent product quality and years of pride in workmanship. Rigorous checks and controls from raw materials to packaged products insure product confidence widely accepted as the mark of the professional trades. Therefore RIDGID covers its products with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects in material or workmanship. To take advantage of this warranty, the complete product must be delivered prepaid to RIDGE TOOL COMPANY or any RIDGID AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER. Obviously, failures due to misuse, abuse or nomal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty......
    It goes on some more, but this is the main part.

    Hope some of the rest of you find this interesting. I think it is curious that Ridgid even keeps this forum up with all the negative comments. It surely must be hurting sales, I know I will never buy Ridgid cordless tools after reading what was posted here.

    Overall I think Ridgid did OK by me. Just wondering if anybody else had any good experiences with Ridgid?

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    Well, I don't know how valuable my input is on this subject. I purchased my table saw (TS2424) and 12" compound miter saw when they were still made by Ridgid. I LOVE them! The miter saw is parked on the Ridgid MSUV in my shop.

    I do have the 3-piece cordless set and my wife gave me a 14.4v 3/8" for lighter work. I don't use them professionally. I use them on small to large projects around the house. I helped a friend rebuild a large section of a privacy fence including a double-wide gate with my 18v drill and man did it power through those pressure treated 4x4s!! So far no complaints on the cordless from me.

    I had already equipped the rest of my shop with other brands by the time Ridgid came out with their full line of portable corded tools. I do have the 1/2" pulse/hammer drill. I haven't had the pleasure of using it yet but, hopefully, soon. My health is keeping me from being able to complete current projects or start new ones. It's killing me! That's how I took my mind off work!


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      I hope you kept your original receipt and model and serial number. For what it's worth, you still have a lifetime warranty on the original tools. The fact that they replaced it with another model does not negate that. As I understand the warranty, Ridgid has the option to repair or replace the original tool once it has gone "belly up." However, the warranty says nothing about "ending" once they repair or replace the original. The issuance of a "1-year warranty" on a re-built unit would suffice if you traded in or just went out and bought the tool; however, it doesn't get them off the hook with regard to warranting your original purchase with regard to "lifetime service." You might want to clarify that with Ridgid before any additional time passes.



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        Ridgid has been good to me. I use my 18v drill - hard - every day and it lasted a year before the variable speed went on the trigger. They replaced it and a new chuck at the same time for free, in a week. That's better than the yellow brand ever did for me.


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          It seems i may not be the norm on this board , but im a huge RIDGID fan.I have never been "name brand" loyal untill i started getting ridgid.I have the tp1300 planer ,ts2400 table saw ,bs1400 band saw , the table top sander ,the 6" jointer, the 2 in 1 shop vac. had them all for about a year now. Cant comment on service and warranty because ive not had any problems. I make my living with these tools and i use these tools hard 5 to 6 days a week pulling long hours.And i only use tough exotic hardwoods (cocobolo, jatoba, bloodwood, honduras rosewood ,ipe etc.)
          With each tool ican find one or two flaws that id like to see improved on , but very minor flaws.But Thats something you can say about any tool company no matter how high end it is
          Bottom line for me is (IMO) that yes there are better tool companies out there im sure , but at a price. I feel that as an overall company RIDGID has the best woodworking tools for the price paid, for the money ive spent i feel ive gotten more than my moneys worth.All my friends here that feed their children with their tools feel the same way.RIDGIDS the working class tool (IMO once again)
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