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  • Rigid TS2424

    Hello all - attempting to buy a TS. There are 3 used ones in ads over weekend.
    One is for the 3612 at $475, other 2 for 2424's at $325 range.
    Only Rigid I am familiar with is the new 3650. New design, nice but cannot see $600 for it myself being it new model.
    So I pose the question(s) - what are differences between the 3612 and 2424? If it is just rails are they interchangeable? Fence(s)different?
    Both mobile, right?
    Assuming they all "near" mint as stated - what one would you recommend and why?
    Thank you for informing the "uninformed"
    Or - is the warranty transfered?
    So for being so long winded - really need help!
    Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em

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    Hey cranky....

    The difference between the 2424 & 3612 is this.
    The 2424 can cut 24 inches to both sides of the fence. therefore the 2424. The 3612 can cut 36 inches to one side and 12 inches to the other. Personally, I own the 2424, but wouldn't mind the ability of the 3612 for cuts as wide as 3 feet.

    I'm not sure on the warranty question, but I will tell ya this. If you buy a Ridgid you won't be disappointed. I've even had great experience with the personal customer service reps @ 1-800-4RIDGID. I had a fence damaged in shipping, I called. No questions asked they had it too my door in 2 days.
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