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3 cordless combo set ?

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  • 3 cordless combo set ?

    Just picked up a cordless hammer drill, circular saw, flashlight combo kit from HD. My question is that there were a couple of boxes that had the same model number but different bags and torque ratingslisted on the box. All were the same price. Some stated 580 in/lb torque for the hammer drill and had a very heavy duty zippered canvas bag with many small pockets. The others had 510 in/lb torque and a not as heavy duty canvas bag with clips instead of a zipper and one big black side RIDGID pouch. I did a search on bags, and found that older bags were either recalled or bought back by the company. I'm assuming that the bag with the big black pouch is the newer one because it is currently pictured on the Ridgid website? I thought the the 580 torque on the box was a typo, but it also has a "580" sticker covering over the 510 print in the manual. Could this heavy duty bag and "580" torque be the latest revised combo kit? I'm not sure which is the best one to keep. I hope the 580 torque is true. I'll try calling customer service next week.

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    Hi Rock,
    I bought the same kit a month or so ago. Mine has the 510 torque hammer drill. I've never seen one with 580, but who knows... Customer service may be able to help, I have my doubts. Wish I could help you.


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      I seriously doubt that the 580 spec. is accurate. If you peruse the other manufactures websites you will find that all the competition comes in at or under 500 in the 18V category. The only ones above it are the 24V Bosch and the 28V Milwaukee at 550 and 600 respectively. I would think that if Ridgid suddenly devised a method of squeezing 20% more juice out of a battery they would have been bombarding us through the normal media channels boasting of the fact.



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        Thanks for the input. If I get a chance tomorrow, I'll check with customer service. I wish the 580 was true, we'll see. If it's a typo, I'll still be very happy with 510, which is more than the DeWalt 14.4 XRP I was originally going to buy.


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          I went back to HD today and was looking at the bags. When I did the search and found that older bags were recalled or bought back, I thought it was the ones that came with the set. I think what they were talking about was the separate bag that you can purchase for around $50 or so. The set that states 580 torque does have a more heavy duty bag. The bag is nice but if I could choose, it might be a hard case. I'll probably end up wrapping the tools so they don't get all scratched up by each other.


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            It probably is a typo. When I was still shopping around I remember the 18v circ saw had a label that said 4500 rpm. It really should've had 2500.


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              Guess I can stop dreaming now. Customer service said that they show 510 torque, so it is a typo. That's false advertising! Heh, heh. Nah, I'm still happy with 510. She also said that the bags are made by two different divisions. The big black pouch version is made by the guys that make the plumbing tools, and the zippered mostly orange one is made by TTI. I'm not sure what TTI stands for, but the one made by them will definitely last longer.