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  • 12" Compund Miter Saws

    I am a new Home Owner with my work cut out for me. I bought a house where all wood is true (2 x 4 is actually a 2" x 4"-same with 2 x 6's). I am gutting her to the bone and I don't want to cheap out on this tool, but I don't want a second mortgage to buy the saw either. It will be well used. I have been shopping around for a couple of days for a Compound Miter Saw and came up with these:

    Delta 255L ($297) $50 rebate
    Dewalt DW705S ($299) nothing free-'purdee' yellow
    Porter Cable 3802L ($349) killer dual laser
    and finally
    Ridgid 1250L ($299) free extras/Life warr.

    1)The Delta has the twin Laser and I read it was on the money accurate, but the angle sizing were like paper same model (cross brand) as "PC".
    2)The Dewalt, well, it's a Dewalt (so they say). I read it jumps on cutting and needs to be anchored. I use Dewalt Cordless kits and their drill is over rated-I find the shafts aren't true and die before their time.
    3)The Porter Cable (also makes Delta) has the Twin Laser that is dead on (I read). The angle markings are notched. I have their sawzall and is very good.
    4)The Rigid looks like a pretty good machine. I went to home depot and bumped into a buddy that works there and recomended the Ridgid 1250L-just to make my purchase decision more difficult. I heard the Laser was pretty much just a guide-meaning not accurate. The quality seems to be there as well as the price. The extras (that others charge for) are nice too (leg stand, left side table extension, sliding left fence).

    I am seriously considering the Ridgid 1250L. Anyone have any input on this matter?

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    I have the MS1060, 10" model. I've used it extensively to great success and accuracy. You will not be dissapointed. The best use of the lazar I've seen was to duplicate an odd ball angle. Lay the piece down and rotate the motor to change angles with the lazor on until it lines up with the stock with the angle you wish to duplicate. As for using it for lining up cuts to your mark, I rely totally on my eyes and my marks. For repeated cuts, I rig a stop, but usually use the RAS for that kind of stuff.

    Good luck on your decission.
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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      Real Pro

      I’ve had the PC 3802 (pre laser) for over two years and it has seen a lot of use, it is solid well-built tool that provides excellent results. The only drawback would be the weight, at 63lbs it requires some effort to move around. I have read that the laser included in the Delta and PC is more than a gimmick and is adjustable to precisely indicate the cut. Since the Delta shares the same attributes and currently offers a $50 rebate, it would be my choice.



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        Okay, just bought the Ridgid 1250L-last one on the shelf. Went to HD and brought it home, pulled it out of the box to set it up and give it a once over. One of the feet (made of cast aluminum) had a crack in it. Not good, since this is the part you anchor to the table. You could tell that when it was casted, it missed the fill. It also had scratches on the face of the table. I didn't even plug it in. I put it back in the box and back to HD I went.

        I brought it back to HD and they paged the guy from the tool department (who, by the way, I couldn't find when I went to buy it). I showed him the defect and he said that was the way it is made. I showed him the scratches on the table and his response was "what are you buying a diamond" and that "I will scratch it anyway on my first couple of cuts". I really didn't know what to say, so I laughed. I told him to just credit my account (I charged it) and I will be on my way.

        I went 15 minutes away to another HD. Ran in, bought it, took it home, set it up (set it up on the FREE table-but didn't tighten bolts, then went to bed (was late). In the morning (today) I was like a little kid at christmas. Tightnened bolts, lined the ridgid table with the saw on it to accomodate mine, and tested it out.

        I love it! Motor is strong, miter lines are etched, relativly smooth adjusting of the miter settings, clamp works well, the free table is sturdy, angle cuts are good...overall, very happy with it. Forget about the laser, it is quite useless (why they call it EXACTLINE, I have no clue). It is no where near "exact"...and I know it is just a guide. The grade of aluminum seems to be inferior (looks like it will incur stress cracks) but we will see, hope it is covered under the "Lifetime Service Warranty". Oh, did I mention, my Ridgid wet/dry vac hose fits like a charm and sucks up most of the dust.

        All in all, I would rate it 4 out of 5-due to the non-EXACTLINE that Ridgid markets as "allows operator to easily align blade with the cut line" (rather deceptive-but I knew already) and the inferior cast aluminum. I will let you guys know how it fairs after "beating on it". Like I mentioned, I am gutting my house, so it will be used extensively over the next couple of months.

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          Down to 2 out of 5. Can't seem to get Customer Service/Tech Help via email nor by phone. Maze of options on an answering machine, once I got there, I get that this message "due to inclimate weather, we are closed today". Two days now. I don't know about anywhere else in the country, but we do not close down businesses (whole days)due to snow storms on the East Coast. Inside a business day, our company always has someone answer the phone...rain or shine. Just a bit disappointing, that's all.


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            Originally posted by RealProTek:
            Down to 2 out of 5. Can't seem to get Customer Service/Tech Help via email nor by phone. ...
            What happened with the new miter saw that took you down to "2 out of 5"?

            I have a Ridgid 12" that I purchased when Ridgid was still making them. I have really loved it so far. At least, after putting up somewhere in the neighborhood of 320 linear feet of crown molding (and more to go -- oh my neck and shoulders!).

            By the way, I wish you the best of luck on your renovation. It is a great feeling to accomplish a major project and get to enjoy the quality results and say "Hey, I did that!"


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              A good tool is useless without good customer service/tech support. This is one of the features I take into consideration when I make/have made a purchase. Dealing with a lot of computer related equipment, you might as well use it for a door stop without good customer service/tech support. By the way, last night it iced and snowed 1 foot here on the east coast and I do not know of one business that has closed down, let alone 2 days.

              By the way, anyone else having this problem? The clamp riding up.


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                Originally posted by RealProTek:
       iced and snowed 1 foot here on the east coast and I do not know of one business that has closed down, let alone 2 days.
                Here in hillbilly land, a prediction of a possibility of a chance of a flurry within a hundred mile radius triggers a stampede to the grocery stores to wipe them out of bread, milk and other staples in preparation for the avalanche that will surely trap them in their homes. I wish they all would stay in the homes. When it does ice over, the show off the lack of understanding of simple laws of physics. They think that they can drive on ice the same way they do on dry roads and nothing will ever happen.
                Many business close down, schools close down, then working parents have to find something to do with the kids because the schools won't take them for the day. What a riot! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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                  I really didn't invision St. Louis, Missouri (where Ridgid tech support is) as being "hillbilly land". But we get that here too, running to the stores and clearing the shelves of milk and eggs. I have never heard of a major firm clo$ing due to snow for 2 days.

                  ...and as far as the drivers of those big fancy SUV's, same here. "4 wheel drive don't mean 4 wheel stop".

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