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    Lowe's has started selling Craftsman here locally. Anyone know who makes the Craftsman cordless power tools? The drill/driver is the exact shape and size, with the same battery type, as my Porter Cable. Is there a "clearing house" manufacturer who is making these things now?

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    Unless their administration has changed, Craftsman power tools were always made by a variety of manufacturers based on ability to meet Sears criteria. For example, my earliest power tool was a 3/8-inch VS drill, it was made by Ryobi in the early 70's, and my 1973 Radial Arm Saw was made by Emerson Electric. You can tell the manufacturer by the first three numbers of the product number.

    Here is a link to the Vintage Machines we site for the Craftsman OEM list:

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      What CWS says is true for Craftsman back when Sears owned the brand. But now that they have sold it off to B&D I don't know if they follow the same rules. The Craftsman line of tools are sold in many places now, not just Lowes. You'll also find them at Ace hardware stores, or at least you could up till B&D bought them, not sure about now.
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