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  • interesting....

    if you guys and gals are anything like get a lot of free catalogs. some for reference/comparison, some for curiosity, some to actually order from. After you get a few, if they are catalogs you dont need or want anything out of, you just chuck the new ones. Then that new one comes in and you are bored, actually need something, or just need some reading material, so you open it and take a look.

    anyway, i received one of those such catalogs the other day. needed something to read so i busted it open and flip through. The company is Enco. for those of you that dont know, they used to be chicago based and primarily metal working equipment and supplies. To my surprise they now have a woodworking section. In addition, they have a selection of stationary power tools with their name on them. Anyone aware of this? Familiar with this? Not that i need a new table saw but they have a contractor's saw with their name on it for 329.95. looks same in size and spec as the ridgid (and others in the category) for less money. they have some other items too. whats the story on these guys? quality? anyone know who makes them? etc?

    look a lot like grizzly in some ways

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    Your post is appropriately titled....that is interesting! I've heard of Enco, but was oblivious to their involvement with wwing power tools. Is there any chance they're associated with HF or source their tools from the same place? The TS for $329 at their website looks alot like the HF TS I see at our local store. The site calls it a benchtop w/legs, but it sure looks like a contractor saw to me.


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      I don't know about their WW tools, but i have bought things like dial calipers from them when they had a local branch. The stuff worked fine and at a good price.


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        A contactor saw would have a separate motor hanging off the back. A benchtop saw has an integral motor/arbor. You cannot tell from the picture if it is contractor style, but if they say benchtop, I would assume that is. Integral motor has the obvious disadvantage of being land fill if the motor fails and the manufacturer is out of business or doesn't support the tool. Also, it appears to be a right tilt saw which I would avoid. At the recent price of $450 after gift card, the Ridgid was a much better bet.