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  • sagging inserts

    I made some birch plywood dado inserts for my TS3650 with a 7/8" slot. They sag in the middle when I dado short pieces due to the downward pressure on the work. It's very slight but it causes a dado with an uneven depth. Has anyone figured out how to support a throat plate in the middle on these saws?

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    Why not just make the dado cut in a longer piece of stock and then cut it down to size afterward.
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      If you can get ahold of some 1/2" Lexan (that should solve the problem. I use the stuff to build fancy subwoofer boxes for cars. They provide 'windows' so you can see the speakers. I have used them in windows 10" X 20" unsupported in the middle with 600 watts and dual isobaric 15" subs. The glass does not move. The stuff is a ***** to cut but slow and thin passes gets the job done. BTW I have NOT used it for a Dado insert this is just a materail suggestion for trial


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        I use 1/2" hardwwod and mdf, never had a problem.
        I sand it to fit.