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    I have 4 ridgid tools, the 13" planer, 10" TS3650 castiron tablesaw, 6" jointer and the osscillating spindle sander. All of my tools have the lifetime warranty, but there has been no need to use it. All of these tools have quality that rivals any other brand out there. I did call customer service 1 time to ask about a warranty, and they were extremely kind and helpful. I use these tools almost every day, and they havent let me down. I also treat them with extreme care- i never leave the shop without dusting off and thoroughly cleaning the tools i have used. it seems some people that have posted things on this site have thrown their tools around and put them through more stress than any machine should endure, but they still expect their tools to perform exceptionally. treat your tools well and they'll be there for you.

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    RIGID likes to claim that thier tools are for the "Proffessional". Now I guess that can mean a lot of things. Were I come from that means someone who makes their living with the tools. The new line of drills etc have had problems. If the tools are for the likes of contractors, then they should be up to being left in the back of a truck etc. If they can not hold up to the abuse that a contractor would give them, then they are not up to the billing that RIGID is giving them.
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      I can admit that some of ridgid's tools may have some problems, but these powertools havent been around a long time. They were recently engineered, tested and built. For a lineup of tools that has just come to the market, they are excellent. I'm sure all of these minor kinks will be corrected in future models. Why would a company back their tools by one of the best warranties in the industry (better than dewalt, makita, black & decker, etc.) if they didnt know their tools were high-quality?


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        Sorry, but I can not share in your enthusiam for all the tool you mentioned. The planer, untill the Dewalt 735, ranked right at the top and is a quality item. It still is. The 3650 I can not comment on as I have not used one, but having looked it over it appears that it is a good tool in its price range. I have the gray J610 and find it to be equal to any 6" on the market except for the powermatic longbed 6". But at that price you might as well buy the 8".

        Now we come to the osscillating spindle sander. Sorry, but that is an inferior product. The sanding belt is too small for all but little projects. It is poorly constructed with too much plastic and is not stable. The split table is light and hard to get square to the spindle. The Ryobi is a better spindle sander, even with it's aluminum surface. The delta BOSS is better than either. Ridgid makes some fine tools. They also, like all companies make some dogs. For all you Delta, Grizzly and other name brand name fans, yes they all have made some poor tools. They seem to pick up on it sooner and drop it or fix it better.
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          Since Ridgid has ended the promotional Marketing lifetime warrenty....theirs is no better then anyone else...DeWalt = 3yrs, Mil. 5 years, Bosch 3yrs(they were the first with more then three years) and Metabo 3yrs. It has been discussed over and over on this board that the Lifetime warrenty was not ridgid standing behind their tools but more of them offering that as a reason to purchase Ridgid. Lets be honest...if you already had a truck or shop full of tools and Ridgid can out with product that is promoted as equal do you really switch...only if you are unhappy with your current brand or simply need a new tool. But it a new Equal tool hits the market and you can get a free lifetime warrenty...why not get it.


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            I have posted these comments about ridgid tools because of my experiences, not other's. My first impression and current impression of ridgid tools is that they are engineered and built with quality in mind. Pick up a copy of WOOD magazine, Popular Woodworking magazine, etc. and look at their tool reviews that contain ridgid tools. You will see that nearly every ridgid product tested has come away with very high, if not the highest honors, and these tests are very thourough and extensive. I will continue to buy, use, and admire my fine ridgid tools.


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              About the lifetime warranty issue:
              In today's society a lifetime warranty is seriously abused. False claims, intentional damage, the list goes on. A company cannot offer a lifetime warranty on things such as portable power tools anymore. For example, millwaukee, which most of us can agree makes decent tools, had to downgrade to a 5 year warranty from a lifetime warranty. They werent just trying to make people buy their tools were they?


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                I think many people have a misunderstanding of warranty. A Home Depot employee actually tried to convince me to buy Milwaukee based on their (then) lifetime warranty. He went on and on about how Milwaukee will fix it for free for life, but it would never need service because it's Milwaukee and it's soooo great.

                So I challenged his claim, knowing exactly how this story would end.

                We called Milwaukee right then and there. We got connected to the factory (not authorized) service center. I explained that I had a drill that had the switch going out. I bought it about 2 years ago. (this is all made up for this phone call). They said I could get that fixed no problem. Then they told me the part cost $37.50. And on top of that, I would be charged for the service. What?! I asked about the lifetime warranty...

                It was explained that their lifetime warranty only covers only problems with materials and workmanship or some jargon to that effect. Problems such as these will be evident on any tool within 7 days. Needless to say, the Home Depot guy was a little stunned.

                I guess this turned into a rant of sorts. Just to touch on the Ridgid "lifetime" warranty on the power tools: it's a gimmick, it's marketing, it's designed to get sales, and worry about what happens later. The tools will not last forever and if you get more than 2 years of good use out of a battery, count yourself lucky. Free batteries for life? Yeah Home Depot is going to eat that one, but you know what?? They sold a lot of tools last year. Hold on and wait for the 4th quarter Ridgid promotion. Whatever it ends up being, it will have to be good because they have some big numbers to meet or beat and without the "lifetime" warranty, they just ain't that good.


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                  Ok, about the lifetime warranty. If this warranty is so much crap, why didnt dewalt, makita, hitachi, etc. offer it? With their warranty you get stuck with only 3 or 5 years of coverage, no questions asked. With the old ridgid lifetime warranty, at least you had a chance of getting coverage 10 years after you bought the tool. My TS3650 tablesaw came with the promotional lifetime warranty. This warranty covers EVERYTHING! from a cut cord to a worn out motor, it is under warranty as long as im alive. But i dont think ill ever need that warranty help.


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                    Lifetime warranty means nothing to me. It just means for the life of the company which in these days might not be too long LOL.


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                      The only thing a life time warranty covers is a manuf. defect nothing else! if a switch goes bad after a year you are paying for it. same goes for a bearing a field and so on. it is my job to determain if i should give you warranty. if the tool looks like it was not abused, i might give you warranty on a 3 year old tool.(milw has a 5 year warranty)so if your drill is burnt up and looks like you put it through a ringer and it is 3 years old no iam not going to give you a warranty on the tool because you abused it. so come on everybody and get off of the lifetime warranty because there is no such thing.if you use your tools every day then buy quality tools .dont buy something that promises you the best,because it is not the best tool made.


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                        Gad---the discussion that never dies!

                        All I can say is whoever was the marketing man who first came up with the Ridgid Lifetime Warranty sure knew someone would bite on it.

                        Again----a lifetime warranty doesn't mean squat---particularly if your tool has to make annual visits to the repair shop. The best value in a tool is one that is ready to work when you need it.

                        There are entirely too many things to consider in buying a tool, and IMHO, the warranty is way done the list, with the rare exception of things like camcorders and laptop computers. But, have you ever noticed, that car manufacturers with the worst repair reputations, tend to be the ones with the longest warranties? Then, comes the point---how much is your time worth? If your car/tool is constantly in the shop due to poor quality, what good is it, even if the repairs are covered?

                        From a (thankfully) few bad experiences with tools bought on a whim, I've had very good luck by using tool reviews, company reputation/customer service, features, ease of use, and of course price----if you do it right, you'd rarely have to worry about a warranty.


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                          Out of my 4 ridgid stationary tools, the only one ive ever had to take to a serivice center was the planer, because somebody that was using it may have fed a board that was to thick through it, causing a gear to break (the technician said the gear was designed to fracture to prevent motor damage, goo thinking on ridgids part.). The authorized service center technician spent 10 minutes at the most repairing it and talking to us. No questions asked, they just fixed it. Works great before and since. A friend was having trouble with the x2 18v batteries. kept them a month, then took them back to HD, and was out the door with 2 new batteries in minutes. I dont know if my local ridgid service is better than most, but my experiences have made me confident to buy more of the orange tools.


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                            from my understanding, the ridgid lifetime warranty means that once you buy the tool and theres a defect on it, ridgid will replace it free of charge, thats it, PERIOD. but once you start using the tool, normal wear tear comes in, and obviously its not covered. it doesnt mean after you have used the tool, for say, 10 years, ridgid will replace it with another brand new unit. no such thing!!