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Octane 1/4 Sheet Sander

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  • Octane 1/4 Sheet Sander

    I'm thinking of purchasing this sheet sander (R86064) and was wondering if anyone has used the included hole punch? Does it work well?

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    HI, i didnt think anyone used 1/4 sheet sanders anymore, with the easiness of use hook and loop sanding pads being so common now. im curious your reasons for desiring a 1/4 sheet sander over the hook/loop models
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      I haven't "costed" it out lately, but I'm pretty sure it's much more expensive going the hook & loop path and I have a bunch of full size sanding sheets. Of course hook & loop is more convenient. Seems to be quite a few who have purchased this type of sander and it's one of the newest models in the Ridgid line.


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        interesting, had to look that up. amazing. my dad had a 1/4 sheet sander back in the 80s and i havent seen anyone use one since, guess i need to get my head out of the sand. LOL
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          I've got 2 of the round Palm Sanders and they work great! Don't see the need for this sander...


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            The hole/ paper punch works just fine.

            Read the instructions on page 6 [English] and ensure you align it correctly.
            I actually use the paper punch as a resting or docking device when I'm done using the
            sander and it's OFF. This ensures I do not loose the paper punch or scratch
            whatever I place the sander on.

            I find the three speeds very nice as almost every other sheet sander is only one speed "fast"

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              Finally got it. Haven't done much yet other than a quick tool test. Used a 6Ah battery and with this type of tool, the extra weight doesn't hurt -- I think it helps.