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Calibrating Tools - Which is best?

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  • Calibrating Tools - Which is best?

    I am looking to get a calibratioon tool/s for setup of my shop equipment. I've been looking at the MasterGage but it's a little pricey. Does anyone use the MasterGage or something like it?


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    WOW , $457+ for a MasterGage. I'm sure that its very accurate and a great tool but my skill level hasn't reached that point yet. I just use a 1" dial caliper and a magnetic base that I found on sale at Harbor Freight for around $16 for both pieces. I've found it very accurate for checking the parallelism of my TS blade and also for setting the dado blade height. Another place to check for these dial indicators and magnetic bases is
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      Hate to sound like an echo but I too use the HF gauge and base. Have 3 of each - and as accurate as can be.
      They have a great calipher set and regular.
      HF has some decent gems .... one needs to sift thru all the other questionable items but they sell a ton of these items and well recived by everyone.
      Oh - add the machinist square set for 3-on sale last I heard for about $8. Many have tested and checked against Starrett and like ($160+) and they on the money.
      Have a good one gang
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        I'm a big fan of Starrett stuff. Mid-range pricing and great accuracy.