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R4512 saw throat plate questions from a newbie..

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  • R4512 saw throat plate questions from a newbie..

    Hi, I am assembling my new table saw and noticed that the saw blade is not aligned along the center of the throat plate slot. Is this normal? Also, I notice that the screws that attach the throat plate onto the saw are countersunk but yet the throat plate is not so the screws are a little above the level of the plate. Is this normal? Finally I noticed that the throat plate surface is a little bit recessed as compared to the table top surface. Is this normal? Help is greatly appreciated.



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    First let me say welcome to the forum!

    I'm surprised that nobody has answered your questions here Frank, but surely a few of the members should address these today sometime. In the meantime, let me offer you my opinion and state that I don't own this particular saw, so my comments are only general and from the limited experience of using only my Ryobi BT3100 model.

    First off, the blade NOT being exactly centered in the throat plate slot: How much is the difference between the inside and outside of the slot? Perhaps the slot is cut so it can except a wider or dado stack, in which case a single blade would set closer to the motor. Unless there is sizeable difference I wouldn't be too concerned. The main thing is that the stock is well supported during the cut. On my Ryobi, there is small difference because the blade is not centered either. However, I made myself a "zero-clearance" throat plate, which is basically a plate that you make yourself, install in the table with the blade adjusted at it's lowest possible position (clear of the throat plate entirely), and with the saw turned on, you slowly raise the blade and have it cut it's own path through throat plate... giving you "zero-clearance" on either side of the blade. You want that if you're doing fine work with absolutely minimum splintering during the cut process.

    Plate not level or slightly lower than the table and mounting screws: I think that is common, but not really acceptable in my opinion. I suggest you use some kind of thin material to shim the bottom of the plate area so that it comes up level with the table top. Even paper or card stock will suffice to do that. Ideally, you want the throat plate to be level with the table surface and the screws likewise. Having the plate and screws slightly lower (like a less than five-thousands) would be okay IMO, but you certainly don't want anything sticking up above the table surface where it will snag, scratch, or drag on your stock!

    Members who own that saw will have a more definitive opinion, but the above is pretty much been my experience with the two table saws that I own.

    I hope this helps,



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      Yes,the blade sits left of center about 1/32" presumably in case your blades kirf is thicker than normal.
      The screws don't directly attach throat plate, the throat plate rests on top of the screw heads. The holes on the plate are designed for a small screwdriver to be able to adjust the screws up or down until the plate is flush or slightly recessed from the table surface.

      I use a leecraft zero insert plate bought at woodcraft. Pricey for what it is, but nicely made.


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        Thanks to both you of your really does help