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The color rant.

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  • The color rant.

    Rather than decide which of a couple of several threads (on different boards)to post this in, I decided to just post a new thread. There may be some folks on these boards that won't care for me much after this, but I think I've reached the point where that isn't a major concern -- some things need to be said, and this is one of those things.

    It's been my observation that there are, generally speaking, two types of tool owners. It's true that most of us display elements of both extremes, but at the end of the day we'll still lean toward one extreme or the other.

    There are those who just love tools, and enjoy sitting back admiring the tools they have collected. When they buy a new tool they have great fun fondling it and playing with its features, and they polish it carefully to remove the fingerprints and shop dust.

    Then, there's the other type of power tool owner -- the guy who buys a tool and can't wait to make a bunch of sawdust, or a pile of metal shavings, or whatever by-product it is that their new tool produces. After the first day, a casual observer can't tell which tool it is that is new -- because after a full day of work the new tool blends in with the background, looks a little dusty, might even have a nick or scratch. None of that matters, because the point isn't the tool, but what the tool is being used to produce.

    Folks in this latter group generally don't give a rat's patoot what color their power tools are. They're more concerned with how they feel in their hands, how accurate they are, how powerful they are, and what kind of results those power tools produce.

    Folks in the former group seem to be more concerned with color. After all, they need to keep that careful spectral balance in check, and besides that, a tool that isn't their favorite color might not make them feel as good while they're dusting.

    Now, I've noticed a lot of people on these boards who seem to enjoy whining. They must enjoy it -- they do an awful lot of it. First, they whined because Ridgid's woodworking tools were only available from Home Depot stores. Now that Ridgid's entire power tool line will be available from a large network of tool vendors in addition to HD (thus allowing competition to drive down street pricing), the "whines of the day" are that the tools are predominantly orange, and that the MSRP of the new PROFESSIONAL GRADE corded and cordless tools is on par with the MSRP of other PROFESSIONAL GRADE power tools.

    All this points out the validity of a couple of my dear departed dad's favorite phrases, such as
    "Some people would kick if you hung 'em with a new rope." and "Aw, quitcher*****en and grow up."

    C'mon, guys -- let's give the "new" Ridgid power tools a chance before we decide that they're no good. It seems fair to at least wait until they're out where you can touch 'em before passing judgement.

    Oh, and one last thing -- for all who are compelled to negative pre-judgement of the Ridgid tools made by OWT based on the fact that OWT also makes Ryobi tools, I offer these two thoughts:

    Next time you're admiring that tough new Chevy truck or SUV, remember that the very same company made Vegas and Corvairs.

    Or, next time you're admiring a new Ford pickup or SUV, remember that the very same company built the Pinto and Fiesta.

    Then, give the guys a chance. You never know -- they might surprise you.

    'Nuff said. I'm going out to the shop and build something. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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    Are we to assume that you are not going out to the shop to build something utilizing your highly polished, color coordinated tools that are arranged dress-right-dress?



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      Well said Dan!


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        Like most folks who complain about those who voice their opinions openly and often, you are criticizing us for it (*****in') and you've tried to lump everyone into two catagories. Are we to believe that you fit into the latter? That's nice, but your logic is fatally flawed and very incorrect. I have nothing in the driveway newer than 1978 because the quality of new cars is close to junk in my mind (not to mention they are way overpriced and worth next to nothing after you drive them a year or two).

        I do have new tools of quality in my shop and they have all kinds of colors to them. None of them are spit shined at the end of the day.

        If you are going to buy the new tools without questioning their maker's quality that's your perogative, but don't act high and mighty around those of us who are going to be more discerning about them. Some of us find the color a drawback and we are going to voice that until we stop regardless of what is said by anyone else. We feel it was a very bad choice for Ridgid and whether or not it affects sales remains to be seen.

        Have I ever let color influence me in buying a tool? Yep, I only have one DW tool (I'm a contractor)...I hate the color yellow. Do they have good tools? Maybe some of them like the screwgun that came with my Quikdrive (I didn't have a choice as they were out of the PC units when I wanted to buy mine). Some people swear by DW...some don't.

        So your dad never complained huh? Mine didn't either and died from ruptured ulcers...hope you don't have the same fate. Getting your negative feelings out daily is good for you...keeping them in and trying to live by "can't we all just get along" can be hazardous to your health.

        If you'll notice...we didn't criticize you or anyone else for thinking about buying the new Ridgid tools, so it would be nice if you don't criticize us for not doing so...isn't that what "getting along" is all about?
        Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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          can we do something about this two tone gray background?

          It clashes with my tshirt and underware


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            Jake, would you arther have White, brown and yellow?

            Why is it some people just can't help but criticize others for expressing an opinion. a negative opinion and complaints are just as helpful as ones that say good job. Any opinion is a valueable one that should be heard.

            And yes, the color of a tool does come into play when you have tio stare at the thing while your working. The hand tools aren't so bad because they are small (although slightly overpriced), but the stationary tools are so big that any orange in them seems to have been overdone and IMO would be hurting my eyes as I started at them for hours on end in my shop.

            Also, your post is the first that I've read concerning tools in other locations besides HD. What other stores will they be in??


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              Mostly wholesale tool houses that specialize in only tools, the Ridgid site has a page where they list them by zip I think...haven't actually seen the page since last time I tried (it was under construction)...maybe someone has a direct link?
              Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                RIDGID Distributor Locator Page


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                  Originally posted by woodslayer:

                  Are we to assume that you are not going out to the shop to build something utilizing your highly polished, color coordinated tools that are arranged dress-right-dress?

                  You got that right, Bubba. I buy my tools to work with, not for decorative purposes. I do, however, polish parts of them occasionally. A little Marvel Mystery Oil and a fine scotchbrite pad on the cast iron surface of my cabinet saw's table and my jointer's bed. Of course, technically, that's maintenance, not just polishing. I've also been known to wax machine cabinets -- helps keep the wood dust from clinging.



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                    Originally posted by KellyC:

                    If you are going to buy the new tools without questioning their maker's quality that's your perogative, but don't act high and mighty around those of us who are going to be more discerning about them.
                    I never said I wouldn't question their quality -- I merely suggest that the evaluation ought to be based on something of more substance than color or business relationships. It's absolutely ludicrous to criticize an entire tool line because it's orange -- particularly when it's a tool line that you have NO hands-on experience with. After all, the tools aren't out in general circulation yet... how can you possibly give them a fair evaluation? It seems fair to at least wait until you can hold one in your own hand.

                    Originally posted by KellyC:

                    So your dad never complained huh?

                    On the contrary. My father raised complaining to an art form. He was fond of reminding me that "every damned fool has a right to his own stupid opinion."



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                      Originally posted by KellyC:
                      Mostly wholesale tool houses that specialize in only tools,
                      That's true -- many of the tool houses on the list specialize in wholesale, industrial, and commercial trade. Most have been handling Ridgid plumbing tools for a long, long time. These are also the kind of places that are difficult (or impossible) for a "weekend warrior" DIY'er to do business with. Those types will probably still go to HD.

                      But, there's another layer here. HD also sells a lot of power tools to contractors. They want that business -- they go out of their way to get it. When HD was able to monopolize the sale of Ridgid machinery, the price was based on what they wanted to charge... no basis for direct competition. The very fact that there will be several places in town where those contractors can buy Ridgid cordless tools means that the "street price" will be for everyone. We've seen comments indicating that the "new" Ridgid is more than willing to work with other outlets. As the tools grow in popularity, it's just a matter of time before your favorite online tool vendor picks up the line. Again, additional outlets means more competition and better pricing -- for everyone.



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                        Well I guess everything that can be said has been!
                        I saw their cordless tools and I have to tell you I was impressed.The color is more carmel and black not HD orange.I felt the power of only a 14.4v drill and would equate to the power of my 18v dwealt. The rep threw the drill up in the air at least 10 ft and let it hit the cement floor. the battery came out but he picked them up and handed me the drill and battery. I replaced the slide-in battery and proceded to drive screws with it. seemed very smooth with plenty of torque.tested the other corfless tools too and all wewe impressive.The color actually was bland, i mean it wasn't shiny or glossy, and didn't hurt your eyes, because you dont want to stare at it long. you would want to use it right away. When i saw and heard of this Ryobi deal I was skeptical. Now I'm a believer and I would buy their cordless line and actually am when it hits the local HD here in Avon Ohio on 12/16.

                        form your own opinions guys, I did.


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                          You will be hard pressed to find outlets that match HD's price on the new fact you'll find very few that price them that low. Big buying power is what they don't have and HD does. They might match the price for those in the know, but the sticker at the outlets will be higher.
                          Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                            buying power is everything. A friend was going to get me wholesale pricing on a new DeWalt planer until I found it from a larger vendor for $50 less than his DeWalt direct price. Lesson: Don't look for a competitive market because a plumbing supply house can get the tools.


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                              Please KEEP the two-tone grey backgrounds (and thanks for implementing them).