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    Brandmans explanation of 10-24-03 is correct. In the world of power tools the design of the motor and quality of the batteries used are more important in determining run time than battery capacity. All things being equal a higher capacity battery will always out run a lesser capacity battery. In the world of cordless tools 2000mA vs. 2400mA batteries is splitting hairs, but a good marketing hook.

    I have spent a lot of time flyinf RC airplanes and battery life is important topic. The charging/discharging rate of a battery is directly related to battery life. The faster you charge and/or discharge a NiCad the shorter the life span.

    I suspect RIDGID went with the 2000mA battrties because they last longer than the higher capacity batteries on a 30 min charge cycle. The higher the capacity the thinner the insulation between the battery plates therfore the less heat tolerance.

    Milwaukee started out charging their batteries in 20 min. and later changed the chargers to around 50-60 min. charge times, with better circuitry to prevent cooking the battery during the charge. I would not be surprised if RIDGID ended up lengthening the charge time to lengthen battery life. I think 30 min. too fast, but the life time warrenty including battery replacement sold me, other wise I would have stayed with Milwaukee. My first cordless drill had a 20 min. charger and the batteries lasted less than a year. The batteries I have now are three years old and are charged with the newer charger. They are just starting to show signs of fatigue.

    Just for info I picked up a three piece combo kit today and by chance decided to check it out in the parking lot before leaving. The drill would not shift into second gear. HD quickly pulled another kit out and checked everythig for proper operation before sending me back out the door.

    I was able to ger every thing in the bag. I prefer the metal boxes power tools used to come in. There was room and often trays built in for blades, drill bits and other items commonly used with the tool. The bag looks more usefull(the pockets) than the plastic cases(no room for blades, drill bits and other items)
    most tools come in now.

    By the way I like the orange color.

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