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Ridgid OF45175A won't build pressure

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  • Ridgid OF45175A won't build pressure

    I am not a contractor, i use the air compressor mostly for blowing off saw dust when working in my shop so the compressor doesn't get used a great deal. It's also stored inside on concrete. The compressor won't build to 150 PSI and shut off. It used to get to 120 but now will only build to about 80. I've checked.. there are no leaks. When i turn the compressor off, if it builds to 80, an hour later it will still be at 80. What i'm wondering is, do i need a new value plate kit. Will that likely solve the problem. The kit cost $60 so didn't want to just try it.

    Thanks for any help

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    put the whole kit in, if it includes the piston, ring and sleeve,and valves or head and valves,

    the teflon ring wears out, and that is it one teflon ring on the piston, Most likely it will work correctly again,

    my guess is it is more the piston and the ring and sleeve/cylinder,


    my experience with the oilless compressors, one will spend at least 50% of new on parts and that is not counting your time and frustration, ( I had one that I used for a number of years, and it when down hill, priced out the rebuild kit, and said no way and scraped it out,
    a friend brought me one and said he wanted it fixed, I priced the kit out and called him he said go ahead, with labor we were at 75% of new,

    and one can buy a new oil less for about $100 bill,

    I replace my oil less with a oil bath crank one much quieter, this is the one I have had it since 2012,, and no problems, but locate the overload reset switch on it, befroe you need it, hard to find,

    I am not full time anymore, retired, but I have used it a lot IMO, in that time,
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      Sounds like a ring problem to me also. If you are sure there are no leaks, and the fact that the tank is holding air pressure, then that is an indicator to me that it's the rings. You didn't mention whether this was an oil-less, but I presume by the "teflon" rings that it is. Oil-less compressor rings wear much faster than oil-lubricated cylinders.

      While I'm not familiar with that model, it's size and cost, but you should take into consideration it's age and wear and make the decision as to whether it's worth you time and money to repair or just buy a new compressor.



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        You guys are right.. it's the piston. I took it appart and see where the piston ring is all messed up. I'm trying to see if i can get the piston out but the fastener is pretty small and in a bad spot and seems to be frozen. anyway.. gonna try a little bit to see what it would take to get it out there.