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  • Battery selection question

    I was wondering about what Ridgid battery amp hour rating and physical size you use
    and why?

    I essentially have the 18v 5ah sized battery and use it with every 18v Ridgid tool.
    I also have some of the earlier 18v 3ah batteries but seldom select them.

    Today Ridgid offers you a 3ah, 6ah, and 9ah battery.
    Obviously size and weight differ.

    As a user when or why would you select the 3ah battery over the 9ah battery?
    I'd think when using a tool you'd want maximum power and run time.

    Watching the various DIY TV programs..those using Ridgid 18v tools all seem
    to be using the older 1 1/2ah or 2ah batteries or the newer 3ah battery.
    I suspect this is because they purchased or was given a "kit" for product placement
    and are using the "supplied battery".

    It seems Ridgid still offers the older 4ah battery but no longer stocks or offers the 5ah battery.
    I guess those of you using the 24v battery is out of luck as that platform seems to have disappeared.
    I do know the original 24v/18v tools still run well on I have some of those first generation models.

    Cactus Man

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    When I want to travel light or am using a tool with low power requirement (say a flashlight), I go with a smaller AH battery.
    When I have a tool like a grinder or need longevity I choose the bigger batteries.

    Think of it like dry cells, you have a number of sizes but they are all 1.5 volts. AAA, AA, C, and D They will all give you (approximately) 3 volts if you put two of the same size batteries together, but a pair of D cells will last much longer than a pair of AAs or AAAs.
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