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Can't eject bit from R86034

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  • Can't eject bit from R86034

    I put a bit in the driver , used it and now it will not eject. I tried putting the bit in a vice and pulling out the release ring, and no luck.

    Any suggestions on how to remove it?

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    OK I give up what is an R86034 ?

    I sorry to say I don't have the current catalog of RIDGID Tools memorized.
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    • mbhydro
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      Its an 18V 1/4 inch impact driver.

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    I have a dewalt driver that the bit sticks in from time to time, if I take the driver and basically tap the bit on a block, the bit come right out, (do not know if yours will release or not but works on my dewalt), I just tap it lightly, not hard, I just take the gun in my hand and ram the bit in to a block,
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      I wonder if a very small shot of WD40 or Jig-a-Loo would help release whats binding it.


      • BadgerDave
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        My guess is it's a cheap bit that is mushrooming from the impact action. Placing the drill in a vice and pulling on the bit with a vice grip should free up the bit. OP should get some bits that are made for use in impact drivers.

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      Sometimes it helps to grab the bit (with a vise or vise-grips or sticking into/on a tight fastener) and run it in reverse for a short burst. That has worked for me numerous times. For a nut driver bit, just put it on a tight nut/bolt and hit it in reverse.
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        Something similar happened to me on a Milwaukee M18 impact driver. I posted a thread on this forum about it but cannot find it now. I just could not get the bit out and ended up taking the impact driver apart in order to free up the bit.

        If it's really stuck in there, you may have to end up doing that.


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          I've had a cheap bit twist within the collet and get stuck before. I think I had to grasp the bit in a vise grip, hold the collet release with one hand, and tap the vise grip with a hammer with the other. Good luck!