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    I am trying to decide on the best circular saw to buy and I have pretty much narrowed it down to the RIDGID R32051 and the DeWalt DWE575SB. I liked the fact that the Ridgid was listed as lighter weight on Home Depot's website and the LSA. However in the the store they list the Ridgid as 11 lbs as opposed to the website listing it at 7.667 lbs. Called Ridgid and they say 14 lbs. WHAT... 3 different weights for the same saw??? Of course my Home Depot has a different model saw sitting in the display spot for the R32051 so I can't even compare. Anyone have any thoughts or maybe a recommendation on the right saw even if its not one of my two choices. I build decks and do occasional remodels as side work to being a firefighter.

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    never used either one, but my personal preference would go yellow, I have had good luck with the yellow line,

    but If they will iet one try the saw out to see if it is easy to cut on a line, or at a 90 degrees across the board,

    I once bought a Black and decker saw years ago, (at that time spent a lot of money on it), there was no way to make a good cut or keep it on a line, I ended up giving it away, (at that time there was no 30 day take it back if you don't like it deal, like many manufactures have now),

    forantly I have have few problems with my yellow line, but I can not say yellow is any better than orange for replacement parts or that customer service is better or worse, as I have only had one switch go bad, and yes it was no longer available,

    the reason I chose yellow to begin with is that until recently there was no Home Depot in our area, and yellow was in nearly ever lumber yard or hardware store in the area,

    (for a corded tool, the color is not as important to me, with cordless I like to keep it with in the same battery line, and not have to keep up multiple batteries and have different makes of chargers on the job site,

    some would say go red, I know there good tools, my SIL who is a master electrician use nearly all red tools in his contracting business,

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      Welcome to the forum!

      I'm not familiar with either model; know the brands of course and both are very popular. Sight unseen though, I think I'd look closely at the DeWalt, as they appear to be far more popular than Ridgid. While I have several Ridgid tools (and not a single DeWalt of any kind, I am a bit dampened by the number of posts I've seen with that question the Ridgid products... but I don't visit the DeWalt website, so who knows what might be there.

      But really, the bottom line in my opinion is what feels comfortable for you, how it fits your hand, and the weight, as you mention, is workable for you. I bought my first circular saw back in the mid-60's and I still have it. I have pretty skinny arms and back then I only weighed 117 lbs (I'm 5-11). Circular saws back then were real beasts, and almost every saw on the market was a single handle design and most all of them had metal housings. Craftsman was the first one I saw with a handle in front which offered me better handling and so I bought that.... it was a 7" (not 7-1/4" as they are today... it does take a 7-1/4 blade, thankfully), Model 315-11850, 1-3/4 hp -5200 RPM.

      In any case, it worked well for me, was comfortable and I've yet to have any accidents with it. I've built work tables, done framing, built a couple decks, etc. It's still going strong. I do have an 18-V Ridgid R8452 6-1/2 which I use for trimming sheet stock to size and it's decent enough, but I recently read some complaints about the base plate on the newer models.