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R4516 10" Ridgid Table Saw Question

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  • R4516 10" Ridgid Table Saw Question

    I am inquiring if there are any 0 clearance blades for this model? I am also interested in knowing if all dado blades are universal and would one fit this model table saw?

    I am also interested in knowing why when I try to rotate my blade for a 45' cut the saw itself will not go all the way to 45'?
    Is there a way to adjust that so it will go all the way to 45' and then be able to return back to 90'?

    Thank you
    Jeff Smith

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    Welcome to the Ridgid forum!

    I presume the "R4516" is the compact table saw?

    I don't own any Ridgid table saws, but if it is like many table saws, there is a stop adjustment screw somewhere that limits the adjustment to 45? and it may well be set wrong. Not being familiar with your particular model, I suggest you check the manual for the proper adjustment and procedure. Hopefully someone with this particular model will jump in here with experienced advice.



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      A zero clearance insert for your table saw can probably be made without too much trouble. I suggest you visit youtube and do a search on how to make them. As far as a dado set is concerned, most sets will fit your saw. The maximum width that your saw is able to cut a dado is what you need to be concerned about. Check your Owners Manual for confirmation as many benchtop table saws have a maximum capacity of 1/2" wide when it comes to dados.


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        Be mindful that dado sets come in different diameters, the two most common are 8 and 6 inch.

        A portable table saw, IF it is approved to use a dado blade set (check your manual), may only
        be able to use a 6" dado set, so be sure to read what the manual says on the subject. Also, be
        careful about using information given on web sites, even RIDGID's own site for this or any other
        tool. As you have no doubt seen time and again there can often be incorrect information on these
        sites. I only trust what is in the manual that came with my tool or talking to someone who represents
        the manufacturer. By that I mean a customer service rep or company tech support number you called,
        or a knowledgeable sales person. But again, trust you manual and if they tell you something and it
        doesn't sound right politely ask them to tell you where in the manual you can find that information
        so you know where to find it in the future and won't have to call.

        Don't take this to mean that anyone on this forum is giving you incorrect information. RIDGID rarely
        answers questions here, at least publicly. On occasion they have contacted people offline but I can't say
        how much that happens because we often don't hear back from someone having a problem after its's fixed.

        Between us (forum members) we have dozens of years of experience to draw on and most likely one or
        more of us has the same tool you here asking about. So we will have in depth knowledge of your problem
        tool, and maybe even faced it ourselves and will have a possible answer to your question or problem.
        "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006