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  • When??

    Holding off on getting a finishing sander. When will we see Ridgid in HD???

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    you could never pry my PC333vs hooked to a Stinger W/D vac, even from my cold dead decaying hand bones. But I am in the market for a 2nd sander. All options are considered, as it will NOT be hooked to dust collection. More or less used for "quick" fixes and used with an abrasive pad for dressing the cast iron surfaces of machinery for a rust protective coating.

    Using the same sander for dressing cast iron as for finish sanding has caused me many a griefs the past months. So my elbows and rists have takin a real beating to preserve my creations from particles that should not be introduced to my finish sander.
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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      Woody, whats up wit dat? First you say you're leaving, then you post. Hollow threats my man!

      I second the PC333 issue. the PC sander is considered by many to be the best out there. I have a DeWalt, but only because I got it cheap.


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        No Mike, it's a more complicated issue, and I certainly could not begin to understand how to explain it.

        I'll try to sum it up by saying that I received several emails that my thoughts and idea's, as far as advice to helping others in the woodworking field itself, was more valuable if I could supress my personal experience and angers upon tools themselfs. Once I realized this, I knew I was totally wrong to turn my back on all my friends here.

        This, I must truely apologize for. My harsh feelings for going 5 years in debt to make my shop, and problems incured with Ridgid, should not make a difference to how I can, or may, help my friends upon these boards.

        What I have promised is: No more negitivity towards tools, Ridgid or otherwise. I will offer my personal objectives. But mainly, offer advise and help when I can.

        Again, I apologize for my tempterment in my personal endevors with machines and warrenties, with the true reason we all belong to this fine community. Which is to help each other.

        Trust me when I say, no one realizes mistakes more than me in this matter. With all the changes in my life over the past few months, it seams I have funneled my aggressions towards changing issues with what I thought was a "Sure Thing" with Ridgid.

        But as with all things in this ever changing world, there is no "Sure Thing". I realize that now.

        The only "Sure Thing" in this world is, the trust and admiration we all share for each other in each one of us's expertise that all help each other in.

        That is what I had overlooked, perhaps even overlooked in my state of mind of anger, depression, and betrayed. I know look at things to evaluate this situation. And make adjustments as I see fit.

        But one thing remains, the fact that this community, and all communities, exist for one reason. To share knowledge, educate those not yet experienced, and just console in each others opinions. I lost track of this, but am back in line now. When I have time, I'll offer what I can. Be right or wrong, we'll console in each other, and make it through the difficult times.
        John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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          HobbyMan, The effort to set the stores with all the new RIDGID woodworking and power tools is underway. I would suggest that you will be able to see it in most any store by the end of the month. Keep a look out - they will be there soon.


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            Woody: Well put.


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              I was wondering the same as Mike was, no matter what your reasons for leaving and returning are: Welcome Back!



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                John, It seems only yesterday that we said goodbye and God was only yesterday!

                Welcome back from your real short sabbatical. Looks like you got the faith and understanding of life whilst you were gone, congratulations.

                Now if you could only impart this new life philosophy on the rest of us, that would be a real benefit, and I feel sure we'd all be eternally grateful. Failing that, we'll just take your continued sound advice in the realm of woodworking!


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                  John, glad to hear that you changed you mind. I agree with many of your frustations, but what you said in your email above is also why I have stuck around.